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Full Version: 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Mexico, kills
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6.5-magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico, kills three
At least three people were killed in the strong earthquake that hit Mexico last evening. There were no reports of widespread damage, the tremor caused panic in the capital city as well as Acapulco.
Reports the earthquake to be of 6.8 in magnitude, but quickly downgraded it to 6.7 and then to 6.5. The tremor took place at about 7:00 pm in the evening, at a depth of 40.3 miles. According to the Mexico Interior Department, the rattle was felt in at least nine states.
The emergency services, of the casualties that took place, an 18-year-old boy was killed when the roof of his house in Iguala collapsed. Another man, aged 25, died when a rock fell on a van with him sitting inside it. The incident took place in southwest Guerrero.
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