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If you haven't read the book "1984" then you won't understand the meaning of all this. If you have, then you know it has finally begun. The bombing machines will soon start the mass killing in the U.S., as they have done around the world.

Most can't believe that the government of the U.S. could murder American citizens, but it has happened before, and it will happen again, unless real change happens!!!
Bomb:bomb:The use of drones on U.S soil frightens me. In my mind it is one of those quiet and intractable steps toward our physical slavery to the NWO. People who are currently backstopping their wealth with PMs and those who strive to reduce their dependency on non-local food and energy are real threats to the establishment. This is just one of the many disturbing facets of the future we face. How to stand against it all.......
Target practice... way better than skeets.

12 gauge shotgun with 20" barrel and 00buck should be more than sufficient.
(12-01-2011 10:54 PM)Fiat Facade Wrote: [ -> ]Target practice... way better than skeets.

12 gauge shotgun with 20" barrel and 00buck should be more than sufficient.

You gotta be pretty damn close. Not sure what the service ceiling is on those particular drones but if they are watching you, you can always moon them.
Here it comes, one state at a time. ACLU is involved in this one. Life as you know it, is slowly being torn away in such a way most don't notice. If you thought the one with the badge gets a power trip. Piss off the guy who is running a drone. Do you think he could make your life miserable. The wars, the economy, and now the suppression of freedom.
How much longer will it take for the masses to awaken?
Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s … a drone, and it’s watching you. That’s what privacy advocates fear from a bill Congress passed this week to make it easier for the government to fly unmanned spy planes in U.S. airspace.

The FAA Reauthorization Act, which President Obama is expected to sign, also orders the Federal Aviation Administration to develop regulations for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015.

Privacy advocates say the measure will lead to widespread use of drones for electronic surveillance by police agencies across the country and eventually by private companies as well.

“There are serious policy questions on the horizon about privacy and surveillance, by both government agencies and commercial entities,” said Steven Aftergood, who heads the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists
Posted by George Ure at

Oh, give me a home where the terrorists roam And the fear and the half-awake play Where seldom is heard an encouraging word And the skies are all cloudy and gray...

Drones, Drones on the range Where the fear in the media plays. Where seldom is heard an encouraging word And the crooks back in Washington play.

How often at night when the heavens are bright With the light from the glittering stars Have I stood there amazed and asked as I gazed if they have the right to search our cars?

Drones, Drones on the range Where the the fear in the media plays. Where seldom is heard an encouraging word an entitlement cuts seem to stay.

Where the air is so pure, the zephyrs so free The breezes so balmy and light, that I might exchange my drones on the range for a country that's somewhat more bright.

Drones, drones on the range Where the fear in the media plays. Where seldom is heard an encouraging word And in Washington, politics plays

Oh, I love those wild flow'rs in this dear land of ours The curlew, I love to hear scream And I love gin on rocks and the media flocks That prey on the L-C-D screens

Drones, drones on the range Where the fear in the media plays Where seldom is heard an encouraging word while the fools back in Washington play.

(strum, strum)
Also from George Ure about drones

Last time I checked, in the whole past three years, the number of suspected "terrorists" rounded up was less than 36 - and even those cases seem to often involve a government informant who is on a pay-for-play deal, where their compensation is based on whether the feds get a case to file. OK: two numbers: 36 and three years.

Now, let's go Wiki the Transportation Security Administration and see what their budget for 2012 is. Ready? $8.1 billion dollars. But that doesn't begin to touch what's likely to be a similar amount of dough which goes into counter-terrorism expertise at the Department of Homeland Security and this latest pitch to wind up public paranoia in order to cost-justify up to 30,000 drones.

I appreciate that drones are more than model airplane. In fact, I have been eyeballing a few and minimally, a good-sized drone is in the area of $20,000 for a stripped down model with a basic radio package. Want to add GPS for accurate positioning? More dough. An add-on for live video beyond tiny frames? That'll cost you more...lots more, since to handle hi-def, high frame rate streaming you need to update not just the ultra lightweight camera, but the whole backend via the avionics gets pricier for the the additional bandwidth.

And then there's the matter of range and duration.

But wait! What about the piloting requirements for this stuff? I haven't seen one, but I'm sure the FAA will need to add people to their Flight Standards field offices who have their hands full with general aviation and commercial aircraft, in order to deal with 30,000 additional drones.

And I have this really, really ugly technical question which none of the security state marketers seems to mention: If I go out and fly my little Beechcraft with friends and they pay me, then I'm a commercial pilot. Have to do ugly spin recoveries and aerobatics like and have the rating and the plane has to be kept up to an even higher maintenance standard.

Here's the gotcha: Do all the people throwing money around (which we don't have since Social Security is under constant threat of cuts, as are military pensions - all people who to my way of thinking should be first in line for dough dispensed by Washington that we all sent there in the first place) think they can put remote controlled aircraft into the air without having a commercial pilot rating for all these air-drivers?

And worse. because I'm sure some spreadsheet jocks in the military are already doing this - where's the FAA approval for any of these grounded stick jockeys to fly more than one aircraft at a time? Limited hours for saijd commercial pilots?

I'm getting a little off track here, but I've got a point to make: I'm guessing that by the time we toss in all the cost of Security Mania, the Terrorism and related tab, with that $8.1-billion of TSA's, I expect we're well north of $20-billion all in.

Do I have a spending alternative? You bet! Abso-frigging-ltely!

First I would take all these terrorist suspects and I'd let them split $100-million of TSA savings. One provision: Get caught in America again and it's death on site. So stay in Yemen, or wherever and living happily ever after with your 2.77 million...and good luck finding the 46-virgins or whatever. Stay out, or die and here's an allowance. Got it? Stay out or death on sight.

Now, that leaves me, oh, let's say $20-billion. Well, if I lay that on top of the $38-billion budget request for Social Security's budget and retired military, I'm guessing I'd have enough to pay my consulting bill and still give retirees a 50% increase in benefits. Maybe I could hire Newt Gingrich's outfit to work this...

But the uglier realization is that no one in Washington can seem to do math. In return for rooting out 36 "terrorists" (and we're not sure of even that many, if you back out government government agent provocateurs/entrapment specialists) TSA alone pencils out to $225-million per charged suspect.

And now we're going to throw another $600-million at drones? Which, besides blowing up wedding parties and the occasional no-goodnick in the Middle East is about as wrong-headed as tasering people.

As I see it, we shouldn't be investing so much in new and improved ways to kill and maim. How about fiber to every home, curing AIDS, cancer, and the common cold? Supporting small farms, banning GMO foods at the local level? More parks, put some of that dough into offsetting the pending assault on the checkbook for mandatory fattening of the insurance cartel? My list goes on, but you get the idea.

Don't mean to start off on such a rant early in the day like this, but I will probably go flying this morning and there are enough risks as it is from things like bird strikes, mechanical failures, and so on.

But this is another example where it could be argued that terrorists are winning:

They've (so far) correctly figured we could be spent into oblivion. Believe me, if spreadsheets and PowerPoints (and now drones) could solve our problems, we wouldn't still be up to our ass in the Middle East money pit would we, with a nuwar due as early as next month?

The misnamed War on Terror always has been (and always will be) about spending money and keeping people employed...and it's been founded on false assumptions. WMD's in Iraq, remember? Facts aside - like none found - the rabid radio right is still running the bankrupt policy put forth by the Project for a New American Century - which best I can recall, didn't mention shredding the constitution or terror-mania. We are down to the last two countries on that list, though, Iran and Syria, and those ought to be gone (at horrible cost) shortly.


At a policy level we've been had and we're about to get bent over again - this time with Drones Disease.

I've told you since 9/11 that the War on Terror is the modern equivalent to the Civilian Conservation Corp of the 1930's, or the similarly tasked Works Progress Administration. 30,000 drones? Fly 'em over every traffic stop...the missing ticket formation, perhaps?

Next thing you know - once they get this boondoggle through - the next step will be to add armaments to the drones. There go outdoor weddings, huh? Nothing big - flying tasers to 100-kilotons oughta be a workable range. I mean WTF?

I'd ask "Has America gone crazy?" But I already know the answer to that one. Being crazy myself is solid comfort in times like these.
Just a thought but whats the repercussions of actendially a model jet should just happen to crash into one of these drones. I mean is little timothy the 10 year old wannabe aeropilot going to prison for very long time or his parents going to lose the farm for damages? I still have a hard time seeing how anyone can be responsible for some elses actions. Reguardless if they are family or not. Just a thought!

Things are heating up and its only a matter of time before the hammer drops. There are somethings you can be prepared for but the one thing you can never see coming is what you trust the most in. God will not save you he will let you fail because he gave you free will and to help would be the same as preventing and steering your decision. Therefore you would have no true choice of your own. You are your own saviour or angel on the shoulder. America fell over a 100yrs ago. No longer has it been about fighting an enemy at the gate but one who may some day be at the gate. Currently it seems to be an enemy from within. WTF? I think the biggest thing will be when "we the people" realize the dark force which roams the land is nothing more then our own collective need to make things better for all. This only works at the beginning it is an illusion that we constantly fall for. We give usually without consent to contribute to something greater to fix the problems for us. Why because we are lazy face it what percentage of people grow their own food and are totally self sustaining to those that blindly buy the cheapest they can get there hands on things and then complain the Beast they created is the problem? If only we all did our own part to fix our own problems then the need for others to do it would not be there. Those in power know what buttons to push to persuede your final reactions. But how do "we the people" change things for the better without falling into the traps laid ahead. A revolt would be choas and a death of the dollar would also be chaos. One appears as a solution the other the plan but which is which? Either result would just be a clamp down until asphyxiation results and the country falls to nothing. So where's the third option. Not one for just those who foresee the things to come but a solution that benefits all. One also that removes the presumed power that has been allowed to manifest through consent by allowing these things to continue. I cant say there is a solution short of digging underground cities and giving the finger to the remaining surface dewellers but there has to be a fix where all can benefit without the chaos that is soon to come one which we have all allowed to happen. Peace Be With You All!
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