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Full Version: Radioactive plume reported to have reached Atlantic
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"As of yesterday, the cloud covered most of North America and northeastern Siberia. It is currently passing over the North Atlantic,"
"The radioactive elements released during various episodes of rejection are rare gases (radioactive elements chemically very reactive, remaining in the atmosphere without being deposited on the ground) and volatile elements, mainly from radioactive iodine, including iodine-131 which has a half life of 8 days, and radioactive cesium, which cesium 137."
Heres an opposing view.

"VIENNA - Radiation levels currently detected in Japan and beyond in the wake of the nuclear crisis after last week's massive earthquake do not pose any harm to human health, an IAEA expert said Friday."
Captured these just in case the site goes down. click small image


Guest: same link posted above.

Large storm forming in pacific will make west coast landfall shortly
If it rains down though can it not be in the rain and get into the crops, then into the water and the more that we eat and drink of it, isn't it bad for us? That is what I have heard. We are lucky for the moment because no rain for another week here, but still I have to wonder.
get a geiger counter, damnit!
One thing that will be a sign is if you see the evergreen trees dying off, they will be the first to die, along with small animals, rabbits, mice, possums, and small things that are close to the ground.
i feel like tattoo on fantasy island pointing from the dock yelling "the plume the plume!"
thanks internet.. i totally trust you...
Just remember it's what you can't see, can't taste, or smell that can hurt you.
once again thanks ohoh7 for your non internet knowledge. you typed that info from your experience. that is becoming far and few,,
If you have a Geiger counter give it a test and post results.
(03-20-2011 07:47 AM)bwood Wrote: [ -> ]i feel like tattoo on fantasy island pointing from the dock yelling "the plume the plume!"
thanks internet.. i totally trust you...

LOL! Great mental image, that.
I am glad to see that someone else also uses levity to cope with these potentially dreadful events that are upon us.
Do you best to survive, yes. But better to do it with a big grin, I say!
The Internet is only a vehicle for information. It's the most productive vehicle yet, which makes it easier for incorrect info to be transmitted. That is the case with every new communication. It's up to you to decide how to interpret it.

Look at the historical list of new communication tools. All of them transmit incorrect info and require you to decide what to think. In reverse:
Internet >> television >> telephone >> telegraph >> writing >> language

But here we are thousands of years later... Still using language. We adapt.
True. We adapt and it's true there is loads of bad info on the internet, but also on the news, so it does make me wonder. I guess we just need to go with the old fashioned Gut feeling. And the Migraines.


To those who wish to be immune to the so called "diseases" that will plague this ignorant society, I recommend learning the Truth, so that you will not be affected by the misery.

Many people have false ideas and beliefs about radiation, viruses, chemicals and other energy/matter that they belief may cause them to develop some disease. It is time to put an end to this deception of historic proportions. All diseases, without exception, are created in the mind and reflect onto the body by change of neuro-fluids, a chemical process driven by our own deceived will. Ignorance of Truth or a process by which to test a lie prevents us from rejecting lies, and instead, we embrace that which sounds convincing or overwhelmingly accepted by society, thereby creating the very diseases we fear, and being ignorant of the True cause we attest it to some chemical, energetic, or invisible enemy instead of ourselves. We attach our beliefs to just about everything we eat, drink, smell, and see... and do not realize how our own beliefs affect us.

If you disagree with me and don't have an open mind to investigate further, I leave you to your opinions... but for those who are curious...
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