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most people here seem to act and behave like they still are a sheep...
(11-08-2011 06:41 PM)Informant101 Wrote: [ -> ]most people here seem to act and behave like they still are a sheep...

I couldn't agree more my friend, couldn't agree more! Sifting through detritis, in order to uncover the truth because people are so opinionated, and often times can't back up the ideas that fuel their opinions. Peace
Sheep of a different flock. Been saying it for months.
Only when you know you are awake, you can work on freedom. When you ONLY THINK you are awake you can be easily be manipulated to think things. Stop accepting things as truth, from outside sources. There is a truth, and there is no truth. The only truth can be found by you, and only you. And you can share your truth, if you want. When people post MSM articles etc, without contemplating themselfs, whats the point. its empty space, filled to make people fear. I no longer want to accept fear. That does not mean, I do what ever I want.

Peace And Freedom.
Anyone that believes a crack pot dooms day theory just because its a popular option is not just a sheep but a lemming. The ability to discern fact from fiction is the most important part of any movement. Specifically, a "truth" movement. When hard facts aren't available, there is still reasonable doubt that can be eliminated. Yet, I can only think of 2 people on this forum that can do that.
You know the plural for sheep is still sheep right? just saying. You wouldn't say sheeples...unless it was in a rap song.
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