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Full Version: Local Coin Shops Info Around the Country on Recent Silver Inventory and Prices
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Local Coin Shop Open Thread- Any Silver to Be Found?
With paper silver futures prices selling off by nearly 30% in 2 days, numerous readers have contacted us today regarding complete inventory wipe outs at their local dealers and coin shops.

We thought we would start an open thread regarding this topic- if you visited a local coin shop/dealer this weekend, please update the community on the inventory situation at your local store.
Scroll down this link and read the comments to see what is happening at local coin shops all over. Interesting stuff.
I just called my local coin shop called Sahara Coins in Las Vegas NV and they are selling 1 oz silver eagles at just under $38 per oz. Gold eagles 1 oz $1,788.00 and 1 oz Gold Pandas at $1,798.00 I just hung up the phone and posted the info here right away.
Check out this blog if you haven't. Good info. Bump!
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