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Full Version: 2 suns seen in china.
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Here is a link to 1 of the videos.

I am posting this because around 2009, there were also sightings of 2 suns, but everyone said they were shopped or glare or some photographic effect.

Now, scientists say that it is either an extremely rare optical illusion or a solar flare (it wouldn't look round if it a solar flare).

if it is so rare, why have we supposidly had more than 1 this year slone.
(2 suns were seen in the netherlands...i think...can't seem to find link...).
I have been noticing many posts about 2 suns this year some people even say they have seen it with their own eyes which does make you wonder if something funky is up. The MSM and the government will tell us as many excuses as possible if 2 suns have been seen.
This vid may explain some of those pics that look kinda convincing.

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