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Full Version: UN Alarmed at Huge Decline in Bee Numbers 3-10-11
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I know, I know. Everybody on this forum knows the Bees are dying, BUT TO THE DEGREE STATED BY THE UN HERE! 85% in some areas. Of the 90 crops 70 are pollenated by Bees. If what this article states here is true we are going to have Very,Very Serious food shortage issues.
Nostradamus predicted this would happen. He also predicted that the birds would die off. I was in shock when I heard that many bats also are dying off. I may start doing some research on the bats, since we hear nothing about that. But the bats are dying just like the bees.
i wonder if this has to do with benadryl stocks.
I've heard it said by Albert Einstein that once the honey bees disappear, we have at most five years before complete famine. I think it's called Colony Collapse Disorder.
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