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BUSTED! after long last he pissed off the wrong trolls. Anonymous had this attack listed for a couple of weeks. Trolling his BS videos. Then the set him up the bomb with a monumepic super fail setup. Anon, posing as a 14 year old girl, got him dateline style. Once offered, he persistently
asked the "underage girl" to send nude pics.

Not really news but thought some here would get a rise out of this. I think he's a jackhole. he banned me from his channel because I said the moon orbit was normal. This was after a crazy rumor that the moon was tilting and rotating in the wrong direction etc etc. I had observed/photographed over it the course of 4 days, posted my findings as a comment, and within a few minutes he banned me. not only that, he's generally as ahole.

any vonenites in the house?
I'm not a fan of his information... But he is funny to watch... He's like comedy central... Sometimes its like a soap opera gone bad... LOL
I had never heard of Von Helton until very recently. I thought he seemed creepy, with LONG fingernails, scarfing candy and smoking cigarettes on video. But, I try not to judge a book by it's cover, or weigh the accuracy of every clue by the messenger's personality.
I have my own questions about the moon that maybe you can answer. My husband and I noticed the last two new moons, Diana's Bow, were sitting like horizontal smiles, lit from beneath, instead of vertical, lit from the side. Neither of us had ever seen that before. I thought I paid more attention to the moon than most. Is it actually normal, although somehow I had never noticed it during my adult life? We got a couple of digital pictures, but I won't contribute to mass hysteria, unless I know there's a real reason.
Von Helton has a message for all the scumbags (otherwise known as condoms), losers (otherwise known as Von Heltons), killers ( otherwise known as Von Helton's other personality), and haters (otherwise known as anybody Von Helton hates), of this world. Evil must be accepted when Von Helton wants to see nude pics of underage girls
Heather, you just haven't noticed. This happens twice per year.

The side toward the sun is lit. Follow the line perpendicular to the horns of the crescent and you'll know where the sun is below the horizon.

Twice a year, between the waning crescent and the new moon, the moon passes almost directly between the sun and the Earth; that's when we have a chance for a lunar eclipse, like Feb 21, this year. The rest of the year, the moon passes farther north for 5 months and farther south for 5 months.

Thanks so much 12gauge. We figured it must have to do with the sun & moon's position at the equinox. But, you might have seen steam coming from our ears, as we lay in bed trying to visualize the phenomenon in 3D, with our sleepy brains. Even in grade school we used to have a solar system model, geared to turn all the planets around the sun and the moon around the earth. I was fascinated by it. Why isn't it easier to come up with online 3D videos, demonstrating the moon phases, instead of keeping everything contentious, vague and mysterious? With chemtrails, we're lucky to see the moon and with dumbing down distractions we're less likely to look up.
Now, can you explain the Dark Side of the Moon?! ;-)
Explaining the Dark Side of the Moon would answer my thoughts too. Why the moon only ever shows us one side is fascinating. Other planet's moons spin, so why not ours? Is it not big enough?
Sort of makes you wonder doesn't it.
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