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Full Version: Burchish Youtube Channel is gone!
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Whoever rated this a 1 star, you obviously have no clue who I'm talking about and have never seen her work. So why did you even rate this thread?
I did, because it has no relevant information to people like me, who dont know anything about the channel/person. Atleast you could have said a bit more. This to me seems like trash now.
Whatever Slash. Enjoy the shitty site "people like you" have made it. No good posters here anymore. Everyone thinks everything is about them here. I'm officially done with this Piece.
Listen, do you realise that this is the internet? That people can say and do what ever they can on the internet? People want freedom of speech, but when they disagree with someone they demonise them, I have done that too. I dont care if you rate things 1 star or downgrade my content. Its a bit of a crisis here, people think they want freedom of speech AKA say what ever they want, but when they are critizised, they act negative. I dont claim to be perfect. Listen, I can go on any forum/site and post whatever ***** I can.
Just because you never heard of an excellent Youtube channel you rate a thread a 1? That is stupid Slash. I've never heard of half the ***** you post and don't bother reading most of it anyway, but I don't feel abliged to rate it a 1 because I'm not interested.. as if my opinion actually matters to others. Clearly you think yours does. No one on this site cares about anything accept what THEY post themselves. I think Joe has done a good job limiting the popularity contest here... last thing to do is get rid of the useless rater system. Sheep are sheep here too
Listen, I do not rate it a star 1 because of the 'fact' that it might be a excellent youtube channel. The reason I rated it a one star is because in the land of the internet I can, and the reason for it was, because of lack of information. The fact that you bring up the point that someone rated it a one star, I felt like responding, thats all, you can take or leave it.
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