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Full Version: 10,000s Gather at Indiana Statehouse to Support Workers Rights
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the states should come out with a law that requires protesters to prove that they are part of the state that they are protesting in, if its about state laws. except for wasington DC due to the federal government and all that. ex: if you are protesting our state laws or idems we are voting on. to protest with in a hafe mile radus to our government buildings you must show proff of state residance. if it is found that you are not and are with in said hafe a mile. we are allowed to "if need be, by force" place you on a bus and send you to the state border 'middle of no where" and drop you off. with a thank you for visiting/have a nice day/ mind your own bizz wax post card that has pic of the state congress meambers smiling and waving on the front.

just getting tired of all these special intrest groupes and people just trying to do misdirection from the real issues.
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