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Full Version: PIMCO, Biggest Bond Fund, DUMPED ALL US SECURITIES Including Treasurys + Agency Debt
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So, what will be the ramifications of this? Will other investors and countries follow?
I have to wonder like you Runk if there will be any ramifications to this maybe over the next month? Seems like bad news, when someone dumps something as big as that it will be felt and soon I am sure.
I didn't want to say it ohoh7, but as you said, it will be felt soon and it will be bad while the puppets and media act like everything is fine and dandy - bullshit. I say that this is just another 1 of many signs we are picking up on. On a positive note, I am glad Jsnip4 put this forum together, I am able to find info much faster and converse with like minded people.
This is what gets me, that so many either look away when something like this happens, or it gets buried and stories that are not really news hit the MSM. Its stupid but it happens all of the time. Just to prove a point about the MSM allowing things to slip by here is one that did:,12...html#msg65

Its enough to make us all sick when they allow things to never be seen that really are important and ten but B.S. on the news. I also am greatful for this place it gives me a new home away from my real and online home.
yep i agree! sometimes information get burried!
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