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Full Version: Peter Schiff WAS Right! Keep Buying Silver!
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start vid at 2 minutes

I'm glad we did buy a LITTLE silver, late as we were to realize. We may end up cutting those 99% pure "coins" into pieces of eight!
But it could be our practical survival skills, seeds and second amendment privileges we belatedly had the sense to take advantage of, that we'll soon be bargaining with!


I love the way they all attack schiff and basically call him crazy. Those msm analyst's are clueless! LOL!!!
this guy is usually on point. if/when he says to sell, will most likely be the time when i jump ship.
it's great watching all of these fools go against what schiff is saying in this video. i wonder what they would have to say today if they went back and watched the interviews they conducted with schiff.
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