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Full Version: <<<<<HUGE CME FROM THE SUN>>>>>>>
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Didn't watch the movie part but here is a few stills:

That is one big flare.
The morning of 3/9
M3 Expected to interact with magnetosphere om the 9th
That doesn't sound good.
That was only an m3. Looks bigger to me
Good thing we have metering technology. Perception of the video can be percieving. Might be worthwhile to check what the experts say. is a good source. There are also a few good phone apps out there like solar monitor for iPhone... It's free.
Cant help but notice this after visiting the site, and I have to wonder if maybe we will have a surprise some day or night.

LAST WATER DUMP: At the end of the day on March 8th, a strange curlicue-shaped comet appeared in the twilight skies of Europe. It was space shuttle Discovery performing a dump of waste water. Crystals of flash-frozen urine and other substances glistened in the sunlight, putting on an impressive show.
Space turds.
Well at least we know now that maybe about half of the comets we see are not comets. But flying poo.
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