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Full Version: Strong earthquake shakes Japan
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A tsnuami alert has been issued after an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 struck off the coast of Japan's main island of Honshu on Wednesday afternoon, the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The quake, at a depth of 10 kilometers, struck at 12:45 p.m. local time, the U.S. Geological Survey said. (Another source)
great! doooom!


It's coming here soon!
On godlike productions I saw that the sun had a major burst of something not really sure but the waves from it will be here by Wednesday which should affect more earthquakes.


7.2 quake in Japan, analysis of current situation globally - March 9, 2011



Uploaded by mfromcanada1 on Feb 4, 2011
We've made the statement that Japan will experience several 8+ magnitude quakes prior to the New Madrid adjustment on the N American continent. These Japanese quakes will allow the northern parts of the Pacific plates to shift, and this has repercussions on fault lines in the N American continent. Vancouver Island will have some jolts, in sympathy, and a sloshing Pacific in the straits off Victoria can be expected.

Quakes of a magnitude 9 (which would be downgraded to 8+ by the USGS) in Japan would occur as a result of a compressing Pacific, and thus would surely generate tsunami. Victoria was being warned because it lies on the coastline, directly on the water front, and directly in the path of the anticipated tsunami which will then funnel through the narrows and thus exacerbate the height of the tsunami. This will not be a roiling tide, it will be a tsunami which will rise up suddenly and roll inland with force and speed.
Looks like an old friend was right when he said that 2009 and 2010 was just the start. He also predicted many quakes for this year, so everyone start preparing for what will happen come 2012 because this is just the beginning. So far my friend has been right on the money, so I really do not want to know how much worse it will get.
(03-09-2011 07:18 AM)ohoh7 Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like an old friend was right when he said that 2009 and 2010 was just the start. He also predicted many quakes for this year, so everyone start preparing for what will happen come 2012 because this is just the beginning. So far my friend has been right on the money, so I really do not want to know how much worse it will get.


How bad will it get?

I believe it will culminate in one very, very significant and worldwide earthquake event.

Ezekiel 38:19-20
And in my ardor, in the fire of my fury, I shall have to speak. Surely in that day a great quaking will occur in the soil of Israel. 20 And because of me the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the wild beasts of the field and all the creeping things that are creeping on the ground and all mankind that are upon the surface of the ground will be bound to shiver, and the mountains will actually be thrown down and the steep ways will have to fall, and to the earth even every wall will fall.’

Revelation 16:18-19
And the seventh one poured out his bowl upon the air. At this a loud voice issued out of the sanctuary from the throne, saying: β€œIt has come to pass!” 18 And lightnings and voices and thunders occurred, and a great earthquake occurred such as had not occurred since men came to be on the earth, so extensive an earthquake, so great. 19 And the great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell; and Babylon the Great was remembered in the sight of God, to give her the cup of the wine of the anger of his wrath. 20 Also, every island fled, and mountains were not found. 21 And a great hail with every stone about the weight of a talent descended out of heaven upon the men, and the men blasphemed God due to the plague of hail, because the plague of it was unusually great.

Calamities will continue to ramp up in the world to this one very extensive earthquake.

Even at that time there will be men who refuse to believe God or the bible.

The time period we are entering into is very much like the one that Noah experienced.

Only eight people in the entire world believed that what God said was going to happen, would really happen.


Well the ring of fire region will definitely be in a under some heavy stress for the rest of this year and into 2012. It amazes me that so many people are still asleep to what's going on....I pity them because the coming months are going to be tough.
If Nostradamus is correct then expect 3 big quakes, Also if the Hopis are correct expect 3 shakings of the earth. I believe the Hopis mean 3 mega quakes.

If my friend is correct in his assumptions, and he has been studying the galaxy and the earth for over 40+ years. Then we can expect a hell of a lot more worse things to happen including what he calls the long night. It will be 3 weeks of darkness at the least.

The problem that I have with that, is that if we do have that darkness, wont everything or most everything freeze to death? It is something that keeps going through my brain every so often. I guess because of something I was taught in school. I remember back 30 years ago to when they asked us what would happen if the sun was gone for a month. Were they teaching us something that actually may really happen?

As for the quake activity he has been warning people since 2006 about how bad it will get and no one is listening. Yet here we are seeing it happening and its not at full blast yet. Right now we are about at a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 and according to him we will be seeing that 10. What the Bible says may be true, who knows. We wont know until it happens. But just so that you know my husband dreamed many years ago about the world cracking into pieces, and people falling off it. So who knows maybe that will happen.
(03-09-2011 10:17 AM)ohoh7 Wrote: [ -> ]If my friend is correct in his assumptions, and he has been studying the galaxy and the earth for over 40+ years. Then we can expect a hell of a lot more worse things to happen including what he calls the long night. It will be 3 weeks of darkness at the least.


I would like to see his rationale for the 3 week long night.

Does he have a youtube channel or web page?


Everybody agrees about a time of gloom, a night, or with more scientific or moderated language, of reduced visibility or sunlight. Simply the day of the solar storm leading to pole shift the earthquakes, sinkholes and volcanos step up causing a lot of dust in the atmosphere, which need some time to clear up. There's no mystery to it. And yes mini ice-age is one factor in the afterdays, for those of us who buy into the latest Clif, lilke myself, partly because of this gloom, partly the formation of a new polar ice cap, but above all because the gone for a few days magnetosphere lets in cold from outer space.

That a big earthquake is mentioned in a book doesnt mean you have to adore a personal tribal god or that particular book. The Oashpe might come up right about the details of the pole shift, the Afterdays and all the rest of it but that doesnt mean that you are condemmed or anything for not believing in Oahspe or even ever heard of it. Ditto for old Vedic literature and many others. These books can have prediction value for other reasons. Can we have a break about this ambiguity of veiled fanaticism? A lot of us would appreciate.

And now to destroy my rational tone: Oloh if you PM me with your husband birth date time and location I d like to see if he is a person prone to have prophetic dreams. I promise I only look to dreams and dont disclose nor store any data.

Speaking of dreams and earthquakes.

The most interesting dream I have read about is one recorded by a young 17 year old man in the year 1937 named Joseph Brandt.

The dream occured while he was recuperating in a hospital from a concussion he received after falling off his horse.

What makes the dream more credible is that he describes the women as wearing very short skirts and the men wearing earrings.

Something which occured to him as a young man living in 1937 as being very odd.

In 1937 the mini skirt was still unheard of as was men wearing earrings.

He also reported in his dream that the cars had very odd shapes and seemed to be smaller.

One other thing that got my attention in his dream is that he became aware that there were NO BIRDS.

With all the recent bird kills happening that seems to hold some kind of profundity now.

Here is a web page with the article the young man wrote in regard to his dream.


I was at this site

Major earthquake activity is strengthing in scale in 2011 as compared to [/u]2010. For example Japan got 6.5 in March 2010 and now in March 2011 a 7.2 in the same area .

Can magnitudes 8.0 and higher be lurking just around the corner for other reigons globally?

Major quakes Jan - Mar 2010:

Magnitude 6.7 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE March 16, 2010
Magnitude 6.5 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN March 14, 2010
HIGGINS, CHILE March 11, 2010
Magnitude 6.1 EASTERN TURKEY March 08, 2010
Magnitude 6.8 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA March 05, 2010
Magnitude 6.6 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE March 05, 2010
Magnitude 8.8 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE February 27, 2010
Magnitude 7.0 RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN February 26, 2010
Magnitude 6.9 CHINA-RUSSIA-NORTH KOREA BORDER REGION February 18, 2010
Magnitude 3.8 ILLINOIS February 10, 2010
Magnitude 5.9 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA February 04, 2010
Magnitude 6.2 BOUGAINVILLE REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA February 01, 2010
Magnitude 5.9 HAITI REGION January 20, 2010
Magnitude 4.0 OKLAHOMA January 15, 2010
Magnitude 7.0 HAITI REGION January 12, 2010
Magnitude 6.5 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA January 10, 2010
Magnitude 4.1 SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA January 07, 2010

Magnitude 6.8 SOLOMON ISLANDS January 05, 2010
Magnitude 7.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS January 03, 2010
Magnitude 6.6 SOLOMON ISLANDS January 03, 2010

Major quakes Jan - Mar 2011 :

Magnitude 7.2 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN March 09, 2011
Magnitude 6.6 SOLOMON ISLANDS March 07, 2011
Magnitude 6.5 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION March 06, 2011
Magnitude 4.7 ARKANSAS February 28, 2011
Magnitude 6.3 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND February 21, 2011
Magnitude 4.1 ARKANSAS February 18, 2011
Magnitude 6.6 OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE February 14, 2011
Magnitude 6.8 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE February 11, 2011
Magnitude 6.5 CELEBES SEA February 10, 2011
Magnitude 7.2 SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN January 18, 2011
Magnitude 7.0 LOYALTY ISLANDS January 13, 2011
Magnitude 6.6 VANUATU January 09, 2011
Magnitude 4.1 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA January 08, 2011
Magnitude 7.1 ARAUCANIA, CHILE January 02, 2011
Magnitude 7.0 SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINA January 01, 2011

Was there some sigfnificant solar event that happened on February 13th?


Just had a 6.3 magnitude aftershock.

I read on a few sites that half of Japan is going to sink into the ocean.
Perhaps this is the initial stage.

Just today there have been 5 Earthquakes registering 6.0 and above!

MAP 6.6 2011/03/09 21:24:52 -6.022 149.659 43.2 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
MAP 6.1 2011/03/09 21:22:18 38.385 142.642 23.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 6.0 2011/03/09 18:44:35 38.502 143.199 1.2 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 6.1 2011/03/09 18:16:15 38.378 142.506 22.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 7.2 2011/03/09 02:45:18 38.510 142.792 32.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

Compare that to your list from January to March.


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