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Full Version: Max Keiser said to walk away from your mortgage
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enough 9/11 fear reminders to choke a horse. Listen to the word-choices these two use. Fear mongers eat that ***** up.

In my opinion Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are really pushing the limits of what I would expect to hear in the Media.

I am concerned they may suffer personal repercussions for this at the hands of TPTB.

Isn't there a web bot prediction about some media personalities suffering such a thing?

Seem to remember Jsnip4 saying something like that.


I just love the way Max Keiser paints a verbal picture, the same way I enjoy reading James H Kunstler every week, although, in my fringe opinion neither of them goes far enough! I agree, Max and Stacy might endanger themselves, despite some continued dispensing of TPTBs own fear mongering agenda. That probably bought them enough time to reveal what else they have been able to share.
I think anyone interested in understanding the BIG PICTURE needs to realize, some truthers have the sense to use the same techniques as BIG BROTHER. They must wrap certain specific truths with just enough incidental lies, as a package. Our search for truth takes scrutinizing a BROAD SPECTRUM of alternative and "truther" sources, to cherry pick nuggets that resonate with our own sense of probable reality, given the breadth of TPTB lies we do know for fact.
We must stop looking to any one personality, for THE heroic revelation of everything we can personally agree with. Outside of a hive mind, that will never happen.
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