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Full Version: Another Aussie 2012 Cult?
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An article has described UCADIA as a cult. I don’t think having a belief system and asking for money is proof enough, so unless we find out from someone who has experienced the inner-workings, it’s a hard call to make. Seemingly the sole work of Sydney man Frank O’Collins, UCADIA could just be an elaborate (at least 10 websites) idealistic spiritual framework. Many of these have come and gone in the internet era. It is only being mentioned here because he/they have borrowed the 2012 end date, and they could be a cult. This is potentially bad publicity for 2012ers.

“The UTC Date for the 1st Horseman of the Apocalypse ‘White Horse’ was 12/21/2009 aka ‘Day of Divine Agreement.’ Haiti earthquake, Deepwater Horizon, Australia fires, Pakistan and India Flooding, Russian heat wave/drought, and the European deep freeze soon followed. The UTC date for the 3rd ‘Black Horse’ is 12/21/2011 aka ‘Day of Judgment’. The UTC date for the 4th ‘Pale Horse’ is the ‘Day of Redemption’ 12/21/2012.”
what a bunch of wackos!
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