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Full Version: JPMorgan to pay $211 million to settle bid-rigging charges
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The agreement is an agreement. With papers and signatures there's no turning back.

Law never made men a whit more just. -Henry David Thoreau
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Two hundred and eleven million is only a drop in the bucket, to the billions they made. This company should be shut down, but since it is one of the major shareholders in the American government, there was only a hand slap.

How do the American people continue to let such corruption go on in their country??????????
It's time to start standing outside major Chase Banks with a bullhorn and telling their customers what they have been doing. Of course, chances are that the customers will look at you like you're a fool and continue doing business with them. I am about to upload a video to Youtube about this.
thats like an hours worth of trading on the comex....that drive by shooting short of 11.00 made them roughly 86 billion ....
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