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Full Version: Google shuts down millions of websites
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Over 11 million websites have been blacklisted and banned by Google. A massive block of websites registered for free through the subdomain have been silenced after the Internet giants have determined many of them to be unfit for the Web.

Google’s Matt Cutts writes on his Google Plus account that the company has the right to pull the plug on sites if they “see a very large fraction of sites on a specific freehost be spammy or low-quality.” 11 million sites hosted on the free-host were banned as a result, after Google decided that a large chunk of the content was malicious or otherwise below par for their Internet standards.

On Google’s Online Security Blog, the company’s Oliver Fisher writes, "Google’s automated malware scanning systems detect sites that distribute malware. To help protect users we recently modified those systems to identify bulk subdomain services which are being abused. In some severe cases our systems may now flag the whole bulk domain."
i gotta agree with the decision unless you can give me some examples of credible sites that were shut down, lots of crap out there.
Ditto. Interesting story none-the-less.
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