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Full Version: Terral's 7/7 Saturn warning came true!
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Quote:It’s five hundred times bigger than any anything like it observed by the Cassini Mission in the last two years. It’s encompassing approximately 2 billion square miles (4 billion square kilometers) of Saturn’s surface. It’s releasing lightning bolts at a rate of ten per second and it’s happening ten times more frequently than other storms monitored since 2004. It’s so intense that’s it’s even visible in larger amateur telescopes. Just what is it? A Saturn Super Storm…

Link to article

Terral's 7/7 video from 6/20

And for all Terral haters please don't post this link again. What he owes in alimony and how many wifes he has had has nothing to do with this. This storm is 425 times bigger than the entire United States.

He nailed this one. The biggest storm on Saturn ever recorded (500 times bigger) on the day he said it would be a sign from Saturn.
Tempest-from-hell seen on Saturn.
Imagine being caught in a thunderstorm as wide as the Earth with discharges of lightning 10,000 times more powerful than normal, flashing 10 times per second at its peak.

Now imagine that this storm is still unfolding, eight months later.

One of the most violent weather events in the Solar System began to erupt on Saturn last December and is still enthralling astronomers, the British journal Nature reported on Wednesday.
is this monster getting bigger?
Maybe it will end up taking over the whole planet? One never knows. Of course I also don't believe everything that all of these scientists keep saying about some of these planets. Makes me wonder where they get their info from.
"It occurs on average once every Saturnian year -- nearly 29.5 Earth years -- and appears to be linked to the summer solstice, when the planet's orbit brings it a bit closer to the Sun and its atmosphere warms a little."

Also, it started in December. So is terral working with a prediction? Postdiction?
sorry terrel ...I take it back....mabye it is time to get ready to deploy...atleast get the bugout bag ready!
the weather were I live has been really strange..
The north Atlantic conveyer is not functioning properly. Not sure a backpack can save us from that.
This is why i'm trying to get people to think of what they need right now (same as tomorrow) , and not how many useless pieces of paper they will have tomorrow!
most of my $ money i invested in survival supplies like foods, water, tools etc. etc. only a small fraction in silver.
(07-07-2011 08:55 PM)fr3d Wrote: [ -> ]This is why i'm trying to get people to think of what they need right now (same as tomorrow) , and not how many useless pieces of paper they will have tomorrow!

so i do igree with you on this.


So is he saying New Madrid first and than the West Coast flood? I am in Northern Cali just curious to know if there is a sequence of events that will be a warning so we can get out.
Your choice when to deploy.
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