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Full Version: Small Nuclear reactor leak in Raleigh
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The Burlington Nuclear reactor in Raleigh North Carolina is leaking out 50 gallons an hour of water, its being called a pin hole leak, and there are no worries to citizens in the Raleigh area until they start losing at the least 350 gallons an hour. It has been leaking since last week, and has now been shut down.

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This is not good, it may be small but still it's at the University in the middle of Raleigh, why in the heck would they put a nuclear reactor in the middle of any city. It has been there since the 1970s.
seriously what is going on with all these nuclear plants?
I was thinking that when I saw it on the 5:00 news, seems to me there is way to many problems lately.
could it be because of these solar flares, causing system failures?
I don't know, but it does seem strange to me, that so many of the nuclear reactors are having problems, and all within a few months. WTF is going on?
dam i have family in raleigh hope it doesnt explode!!!
It does seem to be happening more often but is it that we are just paying more attention to nuclear reactor troubles?
The problem is that we never heard anything about reactor problems before. In fact the last time I heard about one before this year was when Harris plant had a problem a few years ago, and it was just a hydralic fluid leak but the horns all blew for 3 days.

Before that was 3 mile Island and Maine yankee. Maine Yankee was closed down after a leak there, and its still off limits close to 30 years after closing.
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