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Full Version: Huge Prominence Eruption / Flare July 7 , 2011
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Sooooo what size flare was that. Cme?
somone know if it's will impact earth , and when .

i'm at the airport now
didnt it already hit earth when the earthquake happened?


That was a pretty prominence.

Huge? I don't think so. It was just a smallish prominence that didn't even produce a discernible blip in x-ray flux. The small flare at the end of the vid was maybe a B-class flare at most. Nothing was Earth directed anyways.

Crikey, what are some folks gonna do if we actually experience a solar maximum with near constant strong activity, which we survived just fine I might add, like we've had in the most recent previous cycles? Live in a constant state of fear I guess. Oh wait, they already do. So sad.

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