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Full Version: Spies Want to Mine Your Tweets for Signs of the Next Tsunami (CIA Have Webbot?)
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The intelligence community has seen the future, and the future is Google Trends. Actually, more like a highly sophisticated version of Google Trends, with Twitter and YouTube thrown in for good measure.

Iarpa, the blue-sky research arm of the intelligence community, recently announced a new program that aims to monitor, collect and analyze publicly available data to predict future events. The Open Source Indicator Program would be so sensitive to changes in the zeitgeist that it could “beat the news,” anticipating “political crises, disease outbreaks, economic instability, resource shortages and natural disasters” — to name a few.

The idea that web search trends, blogs, internet traffic and webcams could hint at the future is nothing new. Google Flu Trends was set up in 2009 to predict flu outbreaks, counting on the fact that hordes of people searching for “flu symptoms” might mean something. In some cases Google was faster than the government at identifying where the next outbreak would occur.

Last month, the Bank of England announced that it was using internet search data to understand economic trends. They found that searches for “estate agents” closely tracked house price inflation.

So it’s no surprise the intelligence community has over the last few years become more interested in open source intelligence, or information that’s freely available if you could just sort through the noise. Just recently, a West Point instructor teamed up with a Princeton researcher to investigate if Google search data could help analyze the situation in Egypt.


Everybody write "U.S. Government collapses, politicians, intelligence agents, and bankers flee to South America due to unrest after Dollar Collapse." or "Armed forces move against intelligence community." let 'em stew on that.
I don't understand why the web bot guy withholds info. You know the CIA is running the same program at Langly
really weird how they put "Tsunami" in the title instead of just saying the cia wants to predict the future. it puts a very oddball and narrow view on what they are doing to just call out tsunamis.
The C.I.A. got the idea from Clif a long time ago. Clif was planning on selling the Web Bot to them, they checked out his program and had an interest in it but gave him a low ball offer. Clif decided not to sell it.

The C.I.A. then had In-Q-Tel find them a similar program and invested in Recorded Future.


Recorded Future

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