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Full Version: Casey Anthony Case. A Great Example of Media Mind Control
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I have to say that I am very sickened to my core today as I ponder the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial. Well, not so much the outcome of the trial I guess, the more deeply disturbing thing for me at this time is the level of control we are under and the power the media (or Medes enchanters of old) have over the minds of people.

Red Dawn Post
to me it's an example of time resonance...big trial everyone thought they knew the outcome, guess what? as the cycles get shorter, the aftermath of events passes quicker and quicker, no riots this time, just brief contempt. Personally, I don't give a ***** about this story, because it's not something that should have taken precedence over REAL news. So it's also an example of how they distract the sheep from real issues.
I fully agree, I am wondering though if they can get her for something else like child neglect, or child endangerment. Think about it the girl was missing for 30 days before she reported it, and the child was 2 years old. Seems to me like the laws should be able to cover something for that. As well as she is stating the girl drowned and they covered it up. Seems to me once again that a law would be in place to put her away for years for that.
Either way she will get murdered once she gets outa jail. she has so many death threats right now she better hope they never let her out of jail. or maybe she'll just get murdered in jail. ive been in prison before and inmates donot play with rapists and people who kill children, those are the losest scum in prison, so i'll say it now Rest In Pieces casey anthony!!! We all hate you
Don't get me wrong, it does piss me off that Willie Nelson is probably going to jail for possession of Marijuana, but this psycho killed her kid and walked, but if you ever thought our justice system was perfect, then well...
Yeah I know, there are some states where they will give you 20 years for stealing a pack of smokes, yet this lady gets off for flipping murder. Just goes to prove our justice system really needs a new makeover and soon.
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