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Full Version: The Reality of The Jew Banking System
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Must get hot under your ghost costume.
A lot of racism on this Forum of late. Even some of the descriptions are bigoted lately. It's called fractional reserve banking is it not? Used by every country on the planet right now right?
Any one jewish in this forum ?
I'm not. I'm just a typical Catholic raised white American dude. I'm sure some people here are Jewish
(07-05-2011 08:26 PM)UCOMusic Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not. I'm just a typical Catholic raised white American dude. I'm sure some people here are Jewish

Right On !!
Maybe we could start a new social networking site called Racebook!
(07-05-2011 07:53 PM)12GaugeAngel Wrote: [ -> ]Must get hot under your ghost costume.

LMAO best post ever.
korean...but still people are people...what about Bush and his nazi crowd...who gives a ***** if someone is a jew...we all have the same spark plugs that keep us running...
I'm re-posting what I wrote the other night with an additional thought given to me by a Jewish woman I use to date. She informed me that the reason Jews migrated to the merchant class and banking stems from the fact that they were forbidden by law to enter mainstream jobs and standard occupations throughout early European history. So they created their own jobs within society including pawn-broker evolving into banking. I presume this to be true....

As for myself, I just try to keep some love in my heart for all. Swimming in the dark-muck people are trying to spread never did anyone any good. Even if there are grains of truth to what they say.

It wouldn't surprise me if these were Government shills or Mossad feeling out the board?????????????


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RE: An important deleted post and controvery: composition and working of the Dark Forces
Interesting and needed conversation imo.

Granted, Jews seem to have placed themselves among the intellectual elite and head many if not most important positions of power. But....within that intellectual base,
Jews have also contributed to humanity as a whole, through science, medicine, art and other forms of human enrichment not calculable in terms of money. Culturally, they, among most ethnic groups, value education and have instilled this as a corner stone trait for many centuries. Granted, many do not have the Christian Value Structure and thus view and or exploit areas and means for profit, not considered by those within a Christian, Muslim, or any other religious background or structure.

I suspect both pre and post WWII, as an ethnic group, Jews in general went into hyper-drive in terms of gaining dominance within the worlds power structures. Simply as a means to guarantee that as a race, they would never again be dominated or face attempts to be eradicated off this planet. I can't say I blame them...... Throughout history this seems to be the pattern. Perhaps legitimate concerns, but also many scapegoat situations including punishing countless generations of innocent Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. A Jew BTW.

It's very easy to paint groups with a broad brush. Dark forces, seen and unseen, thrive on such events and mindsets, Jews included. Look at the countless evils perpetrated by those under the Christian or any other religious/cultural banner throughout history. It's not a pretty picture in general. I personally know and have know many Jews throughout my life. Both Good and Bad if we are viewing things in black and white. One thing I admire about several of my Jewish friends, is their capacity and willingness to debate and search for the truth. Granted, we don't always agree.....but the willingness for many, not all, to debate controversial issues and attempt to gain knowledge, insight and truth is something I respect. Enriching my experience as a human being. Something I don't always find within other "groups".

Some of the biggest crooks I've know have been Jewish. Some of the most Upstanding, Moral People I've know, have also been Jewish. For those of you who think there is some grand design by Jews in general to dominate the planet, I think you are misguided. There may be an element of truth to some of the claims made in comments on this board? Still, Guard your Heart and Mind Against Hate is my advice. For in the end, it destroys everything in it's wake. Including those who harbor such thoughts.... Easy to say, but sometimes hard to do, I know. For in the end, I personally believe we are all accountable for our thoughts and deeds during this grade school we call life.

No Doubt, the Zionist philosophy has basically high-jacked the culture in the public arena during this phase of history. Silencing many within the Jewish faith/culture by any means possible. Thankfully, many Jewish intellectuals have paved the way for more open debate among the younger/post WWII generation as it relates to the question of Israel and the power structure pulling the strings. Something Very Much Needed or I fear a repeat of history is under construction. Reading many of these comments confirm my fears unfortunately.....

Below is from Jewish Voices for Peace.



Just an hour ago, I couldn't believe it when I heard that the US boat to Gaza had finally left port in Greece. But just a few minutes ago we learned they are not being granted passage out of Greek waters and they have issued an urgent call for our help THIS VERY MINUTE. Armed Greek soldiers are approaching the boat now as the passengers chant, afraid they are planning a raid.

Let our people go.

This is the traditional biblical cry of people fighting for freedom from slavery and oppression.

And it's exactly the message I want you to send now to the United States and the government of Greece, which is in this very moment preventing the remaining boats in the Gaza Flotilla from leaving port to break the illegal siege of Gaza.

Let our people go.

Our people are the 1.6 million Palestinian men, women and children who are virtual prisoners who cannot leave Gaza and who cannot get access to sufficient food, medical supplies and resources they need to live.

Our people are the Americans and internationals, including Jewish Voice for Peace members, who are risking their lives to show the world the injustice of the siege, and who bring a message of hope and solidarity to the Palestinians of Gaza.

You and I can't be there in Greece or Gaza right now, but we can stand with peace activists from all over the world, including and especially from Palestine, who have taken up the nonviolent struggle to end occupation and assert the full humanity of all people.

These modern-day Freedom Riders need our help right now. Please take a moment to send a letter now and then tell your friends to do the same.

They are facing extraordinary forces of opposition from the Israeli and US governments—and yet, we already have won by bringing the world's attention to the people of Gaza. But it's not over yet. They need your help. Now.

Let our people go: Let the ships sail. Break the siege of Gaza.

As I hope and pray for safe passage, I can't help but smile at the name of the U.S. boat: "The Audacity of Hope." There is audacity in hope. Moses had it when he made his case to Pharoah. And we have it when we act to bring about a future where all of us are free.


Rabbi Alissa Wise, National Organizer
Jewish Voice for Peace
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the truth about the fed and all other banking systems-alchemy. Make something "valuable" out of something common. Can't blame Jews for everything.

Personally I am black american, bahamian and lumbee and cherokee native american.
That video was hilarious.
(07-05-2011 07:40 PM)edro2383 Wrote: [ -> ]

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The reality of the "Rothschild" Banking System not the Jewish banking system Bozo!

The Rothschilds themselves weren't even in agreement about their own Jewish beliefs so how is it then the fault of ALL Jews? Blaming a whole Race for the actions of some of its members is complete Ignorance mixed with Hate pure and simple. People on this forum are interested in uncovering the Truth! We may not all agree on everything however there are quite a few people here who are way too Intelligent to see through the Ignorance you try to promote! To put it another way your trying to sell a Bicycle to someone who drives a Ferrari, claiming the bicycle is just as fast!!! I think there may be a KKK forum out there that would be much more suited to your brand of Ignorance err uh Truth? However I'll give you or actually "SouthPark" the credit for your post because the video is spot on about the Leaches I mean Banks!
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