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Full Version: Ohio male may be linked to LulzSec attacks
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An Ohio male may be linked to the recent cyberattacks that hit government and corporate sites in the U.S. and U.K and led to the arrest of U.K. teen Ryan Cleary, according to Ohio news sources.
Stories from Cincinnati's WKRC and the Hamilton Journal-News in Ohio reported that the FBI conducted a search on Monday of a home on Jackson Road in Saint Clair Township.
Mike Brooks, a spokesman for the FBI's Cincinnati office, told CNET today that he couldn't comment beyond the fact that on Monday the FBI executed a sealed federal search warrant in Saint Clair Township. He also said he couldn't comment on the identity of the target of the investigation.
"I've been asked questions if that's related to the LulzSec case or to the arrest of Ryan Cleary in Great Britain, and I can't comment, either to confirm or deny that," Brooks added.
No one was charged after the warrant was served, Brooks told WKRC. But deputies from the local county were on standby outside the house while the search was being conducted, according to Deputy Chief Anthony Dwyer.
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