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Full Version: Greece approves austerity programme as protesters clash with police
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European leaders on Wednesday rushed to congratulate the Greek government adopting a £25billion austerity programme drawn up in Brussels to secure EU-IMF payments that save Greece from default.

The vote taken amid violent protests and a sense of growing social conflict, will this weekend unlock a £10.7 billion transfer to Greece, the fifth instalment in a £98billion EU-IMF bailout agreed 13 months ago.

At the highest levels anxiety remains behind the warm words of relief that Greece could yet plunge the euro into crisis or crash by going bankrupt on 15 July and defaulting on £3.6 million in debt repayments.
Greece like many more - cannot afford to make the interest payments on the loans that they already have.

These Banksters are going to own the world soon.

My only hope now if Devine intervention of some kind. Soon we will be doing the same thing in every major United States city.
they will NOT own the world, they CANNOT control the people, rise up!
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