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Full Version: Who is buying and selling silver right now
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Hey guys,

This is very interesting.

As of about a week ago the big guys have bought over 4,000 silver paper contracts while the little guy is selling contracts.

It is my humble opinion that when main street is selling and wall street is buying there is something fishy going on. To put it clearly, the price seems like it is going down to the little guy, but the big guys are about to make it go the other way. So maybe we hit a bottom?!?!

I am not making a prediction just giving some useful information.

If you are a paper trader, good luck!

Disaggregated Futures and Options - 6/14/2011 - 6/21/2011


Net Position | Weekly Net Change

Producer / Merchant Processor / User : -41,504 | -3,073

Swap Dealers : -1,597 | 513

Managed Money : 20,296 | 4,054

Other Reportables : 5,438 | -1,145

PS Sorry this is hard to read I had to type it in by hand and the system is not displaying it like I would like, but with a little deciphering you should be able to understand it.
I have been a buyer at 33.50 on it,...
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