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While the top twelve companies in the nation payed little or no taxes this year, the president wants the slaves of America to pick up the loss. When a government can announce on national tv, the day before 9/11 that they lost $2 "TRILLION" dollars and no one blink about it, then I guess it will be no problem to squeeze a few more dollars from the middle class slaves of the American government.

GE, the number #1 of the tax dodgers, the nuclear Satanist of the world, who with their people killing plants, should have to cough up some cash. What a failure the American government is to its people. To the companies with the dollar, you can walk away, but to you middle class bitches, you will pay, pay, pay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Politics, the wonderful world of the low, of the lowest!!!!
It's a debt ceiling ploy. No one is taking it seriously. That may change, but for now it's a joke.
They are claiming it will come from the top earners of $200k/year. You know.... all our employers who are already paying 3 times for every $1 they create! They'll never get a tax increase to pass the house. Any Congressional leader that votes for the bill, at least the ones with R's next to their names, will be undoubtedly fired in a year.
It will come by way of gas, food, and anything else the government can put on those who make less than $200,000, a year.

No, different than the slave on the plantation, he got room, and board. It takes all the money most make just to pay for room, and board, and get to the job that allows them to live in their own place, instead of on the plantation!!!
Agreed. We are living through the largest re-distribution of wealth in human history. American "middle class" to the Elites in Govt, Banks and Oil Co's.... Grand theft
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