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Full Version: Question for those who were in the military.
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America has the greatest Generals in the world. Told to me by two friends who served in the military.

This is key to military superiority is we have these Generals.

The question

Do you think the Generals will let America go down because of the banksters and corporations? Would they ever say "Thats it" and go for a take over?

Thanks ahead of time.
Look up the Military Industrial Complex.
Military industrial complex has to have people with souls.

Yes, I believe that most have become drones that will follow orders mindlessly.

My hope is that there are some who have family, daughters, grandchildren etc. whom they care about.

This is why I am asking for those in the military. I can’t believe that they will ALL follow orders to cut their own family down.
well, i'm a veteran, and if you can't believe something like that is possible, study up on the U.S. civil war. Generals follow orders like their subordinates, the problem is that just like their subordinates, they aren't usually doing something wrong because they THINK they are.
There are always the Oath Keepers. The 3%ers and more. There are plenty in the military who, when the time to choose is evident, will choose to fight with the people. Would it be nice if the top brass chose the same? Sure. But I doubt we would be expecting a coup any time soon.
My experience taught me that there is really only one rea$on our military is so powerful. The blank checks we write to them. Take a look at aircraft carriers... Compare our numbers to the rest of the world.
One of your own leaders warned of the Military Industrial Complex and what it would mean. You are aware that for the greater part psychopaths rise to the top in these professions, be it military, banks or business. Psychopaths have only one true focus, themselves. In the movie Highlander they pointed out their philosophy rather well with the statement “there can only be one”. I can leave it to you to work out where you fit into that scenario. I think that no one will be coming to the rescue other than the likes of the people who frequent forums like this looking for answers to questions that are not addressed by the main stream media.

2c worth

The leader is Eisenhower. Yes, people are looking for answers.

I do believe that it does only take 3% to make a difference. So my hope is that some of that 3% are on duty if things go down.

I have never been in the military. I asked many that were if they would die for their country. I have not met one who would not.

So, taking that into the picture the only question is are they awake and aware enough to see the larger issue.
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