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Full Version: Depleted Uranium Killing American Soldiers, and Their Unborn Children
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Not only is the American military destroying countries with depleted uranium, it is destroying the men, women, and children. As soldiers go to fight, for a cause that no one is really sure about, many soldiers will not die from their wounds in the war, but from the depleted uranium that is scattered all around.

If you are, or know someone who is returning from any war, they should be tested for depleted uranium. Is this the way for GE to get rid of the uranium waste from its nuclear plants? How does the US justify the use of a material, that will also kill its own people?

How many people must die from senseless wars over greed?

How many mothers must lose their children, because of the greed of man?

How much longer will the US continue its rape of countries that seek independence?

What country will suffer next in the hands of NATO, and the US Military?

Below are three of many links about depleted uranium, soldiers should know why they are dying, or having children with birth defects. Get your blood tested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bomb

(Depleted Uranium Libya)

(Depleted Uranium and the children of Iraq)

(Marine Confession on Depleted Uranium)
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