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How long will it take the POTUS to get information released so that the masses can know the
"TRUTH" about the universe and the "TWO" space programs. Who is the commander in charge of the space programs??? What haven't most in the world been told??? Trump transparency is showing the world those who have conspired to conceal the "TRUTH" that the world should know. Greed has run its course and it's time to heal planet Earth, and come together as a collective in love, life, and peace.

Knowledge is power and thanks to the "Life Forms" with honor, the "TRUTH" is being told...

Disclosure, Secret Space Program & War in Space

Corey Goode is identified as an intuitive empath (IE) with precognitive abilities. He says he was assigned to an IE support role for a rotating Earth Delegate Seat (shared by secret earth government groups) in a "human-type" ET Super Federation Council. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to report on disclosure, a secret Mayan space program, and a current war waged in space. Goode disclosed details about the time he had to speak while at the Super Federation Space Station located in a temporal anomaly outside of Jupiter's orbit.

He detailed the process of interfacing with the space station and letting it know he was ready to speak. "A large amount of what I said I really didn't understand," he admitted. Goode also talked about how humanity has been manipulated genetically and spiritually over eons as part of 22 different genetic programs overseen by the Super Federation. The ultimate goal is get the human race to the point of self-management, Goode announced, adding "we are graduated."

The last 90 minutes of the program was devoted to Open Lines.

The Coming Solar Flash & the Galactic Federation – Q&A with Corey Goode

In April of 2018, in an article and interview regarding his December 2017 off-world meetings near Jupiter and Saturn, Secret Space Program insider Corey Goode discussed how full disclosure is related to an upcoming Solar Flash series of events. He also discussed a solar system wide quarantine imposed by a “Galactic Federation”, which is a very different body to the “Super Federation” comprising 40-60 human looking extraterrestrial races he says have been involved in genetic engineering experiments on Earth.

Part one in this series about his December meetings discussed the “Super Federation” ending its long term genetic experiments, and part two discussed the development of a new representative body comprising an Earth delegation and representatives from 52 adjoining star systems. This leads to a number of questions about how the Galactic Federation plays into all these changes. In order to clarify issues concerning the Solar Flash events and the role played by the “Galactic Federation” Corey has agreed to answer a number of questions. What follows are the Q&A between us, followed by some analysis on my (Michael Salla) part that make up this co-authored article.

Questions for Corey Goode followed by his responses in link below:
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