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Full Version: The Mysterious Ancient Map That Scientists Can't Explain
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When it comes to Antarctica, there are many questions and now with the whistleblowers like Corey Goode from the governments secret space program, there are many answers. For decades almost every country in the world has a research center in Antarctica, and they all get along??? In the most recent years the leaked information of a flash frozen city was found and with all the elites that flew to Antarctica, even the "KRILL" Russia's pope went for a visit.

Antarctica is opening the doors to the past and to the future...everyone wants to be a part, but not share it with the world. Greed, wars, power, and evil consume most places in the world, but there is a place many talk about where none of that exists, and there have been some who have been there. One man told of his experience of going into the inner Earth, and many wait and hope outside the doors in Antarctica to get in.
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