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Full Version: BIZARRE PARTICLE "ANOMALY" Flying From Antarctica To Space Detected!
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How long will it take for "DISCLOSURE???" How many whistleblowers will it take and how much evidence will need to be seen for people to believe??? Well the natural stargates around the world can't be moved and if you can even get close to the one in Tesla's Enchanted forest in Gibsonia, then you will step into another time and space. There are those who want the "TRUTH" and those who know the games will be over if the masses know it. Is that the reason Donald Trump hasn't been to Antarctica or told about many secret projects in underground cities??? Pennsylvania, just like above and below the surface??? Manholes in the woods??? How real can life in the inner Earth really be???

As far as the flying craft in Antarctica, they've been there forever and coming and going from the planet for many lifetimes. How many humans aren't really human??? Why can't you use 100% of your brain and why don't scientists talk about it??? For those who can't believe in the whole flying craft and other worlds, you just need to take a trip with as many friends and family as you can to the "ECETI" ranch in Washington. Located just a couple of hours from Portland, Oregon on the Washington side of the river, ECETI ranch offers everyone who comes the experience of seeing a UFO!!!

If your really lucky, the vibrations will be right and you'll experience some of the other "BEINGS" that dwell among humans on planet Earth. Nothing is beyond-the-beyond and when your third eye opens more you'll see more. My trip to ECETI ranch was one I will never forget, and can't wait to return. I chose to go during one of many workshops they have to enlighten people while they experience everything around them. I was there during an event called "Soul Tech" hosted by Jimmy Church from Fade to Black. Didn't know Jimmy before the event, but I do now, and if you want to really know what's happening in the world beyond-the-beyond, then tune in to Jimmy Monday thru Thursday live east coast is from 10pm-1am.

Thursday is call in day and you'll hear some of the best stories of people who have grown up, worked in, and experienced the beyond-the-beyond as Wilcock, Goode, Emery, Thinker and so many others have. When I found out about "Contact in the Desert" and the 4000 that came to hear speakers like Church, I knew that "DISCLOSURE" will reach the masses and the president!!!

Will Donald Trump take a trip to ECETI ranch and view for himself the Intergalactic Highway to the inner Earth and the many visitors from off planet???

One place I will assure you, that you will "NOT" be disappointed if you go, and if your lucky you'll see James Gilliand and it will be a double bonus!!!
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