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Full Version: The movie Kin
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I saw it recently. I remember the situation it's based off of many years ago. The boy was the son of a fallen officer. Both he and the baby's mother died. The only way to protect the child was to plant a chip in him and another procedure. In this movie he finds and activates a gun. It only works because it detects his relation to his father. All the weapons are on a lock but can be used by others on a team or squad.

This article came out about the ZKZM 500. There are several variants of this gun. Laser only, electromagnetic only and combo guns that have more than one setting like the one in the movie.

Russian video showing some different models linked to the gun.

This gun is a electromagnetic coil gun. Some models of this gun can punch holes in concrete walls and even tear into a metal door. You usually don't hear it fire but you see and hear what it hit.

The movie trailer showing the gun. It really did fold up like that in the one model. Another flips in half. A different version isn't a separate weapon. It's built into the suit the officers wear as part of the sleeve and gloves. Some gloves also have analysis tools or medical tools in them that are also based off of energy devices. Not from any aliens though. Just stuff that people were testing on theoretical physics and new applications of theory. The suits seen in this movie are part of the last series of super soldier suits. They also come in white and some have invisibility. They use theoreticals in quantum theory and string theory. Unfortunately I can't remember some specifics like formulas but that is probably a good thing considering it would be very dangerous in the hands of those that were gang stalking and electronically harassing me.

Though I know some find people with gear like this rather scary. Most of them are out there to help people and to keep the law and peace. Unfortunately it is also true that there was at least 3 bases I knew of linked to the USA and a few linked to a variety of other countries that had problem people. The rest of their military and police were ok. But they didn't know how to handle some of these problem people. The people was selling on the blackmarket some of the gear they had got. They also took some scientists and tried to get them to work for them. They have tried to take over countries, businesses, and other things. Including for hire contracts on individuals. Some of these people were hard to figure out what they came from. But eventually we determined some started the problem after breaking into a museum in the future. I can't remember the date. Just that this gear was less needed by then and these people made a move to steal it and travel to an easier time to mess with other people. This is why in the movie "Kin" the two people tell the kid they are dealing with a war.

I have memory loss and health problems because of what I have been through. Though I have enough memories that I'm actually hoping I trigger authorities. Because I want whatever my original life was back. What I can remember of it suggests it wasn't all bad and that I worked in research and development.

I got back on that thing called FB but mostly it was because a few health and sciences groups were there that I'm reading. I commented on the PopSci post and was able to put two video links. One showing the different models in russian and the trailer to the movie Kin. I tried to add one on another article about a coil gun and it wouldn't let me post. I'm not sure if I triggered some 2 item limit I didn't know about or if someone wasn't happy that I pointed out the movies based on a true story by mentioning that the kid was a child of a deceased military vet.
I've never seen a gun like either one that you are showing Dove. Who makes them and are they sold in the U.S.? Some of what you said about the museum break in, is just like in the movie the "Matrix" where there isn't any violence, until guns are stolen out of the museum.
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