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Full Version: InfoWars Banned - Problem-Reaction-Solution Fork?
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Peace, God's Mercy and Blessings to you!

My very first post here was about Alex Jones's website and video. So I guess, I'm kind of "karmically tied" to the topic.

[Another thread regarding this:]

From my point of view, InfoWars have been going downhill (compared to what they were and what they did, before it became "they" and had been just Alex for the most part). The job done on exposing the 9/11, "Endgame", "Bilderberg", big interview with Aaron Russo, etc. has had, perhaps, an enormous impact worldwide.

Then, all of a sudden it became less about the so-called "New World Order", and more about "Communist China", "Russians", "Muslims". And Alex... I'm sorry if this offends any fans, but it seems that something was wrong with him for a while - it's like someone had been putting stuff in his water to mentally destabilise him (as means of discrediting him). Not only that - it seems as if someone has also been leading him down the wrong path in terms of information. However, to be absolutely sincere, I do have to mention that last time I saw his video recently he did seem stable to me (so maybe he figured it out).

His audience seems to have grown in size. So what does this ban actually mean for the internet community and free speech?

It is not the first time that a "non-mainstream" channel gets banned, but it has never been on this scale. The question here: Is this a "Problem-Reaction-Solution" fork? What are the options?

Option 1: Public outcry "Suppression of free speech!", call to action. Result: Heavy government regulation of the private websites and social networks. Enforcement of "free speech".

Option 2: Public stays quiet. Result: Fascistic global non-governmental suppression of whoever the conglomerate decides to label as "fake news".

These are just thoughts. I'm not implying anything. Just "raw" thinking, so to speak.

What do you guys think? Let me know if you have any input to share. Thank you.
There actually seems to be an obvious alternative to this supposed "fork".

Option 3: People are fed up. Set up proper, accessible, non-invasive services. Result: The "System" cracks, "conventional" mediums are left with a choice to either behave or face decline and eventual oblivion.
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