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Full Version: Friendly neighborhood cyberbug
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These ones aid in rescue and some tracking

I ran into one of these around a week and a half ago. It was a pretty looking flying ant type bug. It only would of been caught if someone got a good look at it. I did when it landed on a window by me. I could see a tiny metal grate on the chest hidden by color panels of the bug shell. I also saw it had a thin metal connector where the bug abdomen is.

One set of cyborg bugs and artificial bugs was once used in the USA in a small swarm. They sampled peoples blood as mosquitos. Techs were able to analyze the samples to detect contamination. The bugs were then deployed with innoculations and cures(for the few they could cure). They successfully treated the crowd without causing general public alarm or crowd panic. The drones were controlled through a larger drone that was birds around the area affected. The controller of the birds had local signal for a grid the bugs were working. The bug themselves were dropped from a small simple drone that few higher up near office buildings and was harder to see from the ground.

Bug drones are part of standard gear for advanced super soldier equipment. They carry a small compartment that attaches to their suit with a few different tiny drones in them. Each fitted with slightly different equipment. The computers built into their suits give information to digital lenses over their eyes or in eye contacts(if not in the regular advanced suit). There is specialized gear that works with street clothes to blend in to the environment. Meaning their smart watch has hidden settings, so do their sunglasses or contact lenses, and things hidden in clothing. Both street clothing gear and super soldier suits can come with option for invisibility and rapid transport.(some like to call it wormholes but that isn't necessarily how they are traveling)

The last series of cyborg bugs had implants in their body that is hidden. So you do not notice any wires, harness, or little backpacks on them. They also worked on increasing range the controller has to be from the insects. Some of the insects are "trained" and have the option of remote control. I remember the man training them but not very well. I just saw him control a single bug and a swarm in a lab. If the insect didn't do what he wanted he had the option of turning on a device and take control. Part of training the bugs I think was a bug pheromone. One insect type drone was also capable of seeing through walls or moving through them. I had no idea they were working with people on something like that until out in the field the person showed me their drone could get around a problem we were having.

Here is how to make a simple cyborg roach.
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