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The incredible thousand-year-old UNDERGROUND 18-storey city that could house 20,000 people and was discovered by chance when a man was doing DIY on his house in Turkey.

Experts Claim There Is A Lost, Underground ‘City’ Beneath The Pyramids Of Giza.

There were more than these two cities. There were three more found. The people in them didn't die, they survived and after what had happened on the surface waited and later mixed with the surface population. Another star system was dying and the people there found this star system had a world they could survive on. Instead of trying to find other options, some of which were offered to them by others. They rejected those and stayed with their choice to inhabit Earth's star system. They knew Earth, and other planets had been habitable but didn't care. They hurled a large space object at Earth's star system.

Some people on Earth at the time chose to board what ships were available and leave. Some did not want to leave their home and had dealt with things such as nuclear war before. Instead they chose to make the underground cities. More than one was already in existence under the ocean in a cavern with the under ocean sea.

One city used local asbestos as it proved capable of surviving high temperatures from nuclear blast, or bombardment. The sun was also affected by the people attempting to invade. Some people started getting sick and tests were run including genetics. It was found some people had a gene that put them at risk of becoming ill. They also found a gene for addiction and another for aggression. The city was made using sprayed and poured concrete methods. The other cities had different materials to work with. They had access to water, and filtration systems. They also kept plants, animals, and even insects. Some of which would be used for their survival and others for the survival of the ecosystem after. Some creatures were kept to prevent their extinction.

On the way to Earth the object was blasted and formed part of the asteroid belt. A few large objects did get through and strike the Earth and other planetary objects. They did damage akin to a nuclear blast. The planet in places such as the Grand Canyon have radioactive trace and uranium because of this. It also formed a variety of nuclear glass along with solar flares as the sun changed a little.

The people waited until the incoming people settled. They were also human and part of an earlier colony. Some of them had a hard life before the destruction and leaving of their home star system. They were allowed to form their groups on the surface and create some pieces of new cities and occupy old ones left vacant by the people that went underground. Traces of broadcast were detected and it was found to be operating at a particular wavelength which caused in some memory loss of their prior lives. A few still remembered and were threatened to never talk about it or they would be taken from Earth and forced to work on a labor camp again. So people were quiet. More time passed and eventually the decision was made to gradually leave the underground city and one of the under ocean cities. This caused part of a population issue but steps were taken to help it using advanced sciences. This was done by those that chose to go into space rather than go underground. Some people chose to remain in underground cities as they didn't see mixing with the upper world or outside world as a good option. This was also sparked by seeing wars break out and things such as slavery.

The people with the higher technology were why people have occasionally seen two moons or suns in the sky. They did have equal to higher technology than the ones that caused the disasters. Before causing the disasters on earth that the shelters were used for they had caused problems on Venus and Mars. However people did not wish further war so didn't enter into a war with them. Part of this was as a result of knowing the state the general population was in from the planet that was in the dying solar system.

History of some of this was written in stone and in books found in some of these structures by archaeologists. This includes some materials found off of Earth on Mars and the Moon. The archaeologists became aware during either WWI or WWII. I had at one point visited the cities and I had seen one of them under construction along with their first church service inside the structure. Their version of christianity was different than the people that were trying to move to the surface after bombardment.
Have you seen the news regarding Helsinki/Finland has built an underground city?
Catherine Austin Fitts just made her first appearance in several weeks on Dark Journalist this Friday evening to promote the latest issue of the Solari Report, “Who’s Who and What’s Up and What’s Up in the Space Economy”. I’ve set the start point after her story about the many hoops she jumped through to be confirmed as Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1989 under newly-appointed Secretary Jack Kemp during the GHW Bush Administration.

The conversation turns to how she never conceived of a Secret Space Program until repeated episodes of space stations having problems resulted in HUD having their budget ransacked to cover the costs. “There seemed to be a relationship between space and HUD…they were in an appropriation basket together.” She later referred to this as part of the “Space Tax” and also learned that Oliver North called HUD the “Candy Store of covert revenues.” Over time, she was informed by others of the Secret Space Program, which she was only able to confirm the only way she knew how – by following the money.

She notes that mining and elevator companies were making a lot of money during a period of massive construction of underground bases and how a subscriber of hers, who she describes as being “Really deep in the Texas business community,” swore that all of the offshore drilling of GHW Bush’s company, Zapata Oil “Had nothing to do with the oil…it was all missile silos – which makes sense, what a perfect cover.”

Zapata, which was also co-founded by former CIA chief, Allen Dulles is notorious as:
(08-04-2018 08:32 PM)Sarge Wrote: [ -> ]Have you seen the news regarding Helsinki/Finland has built an underground city?

No. Is that a new one or they just happened upon another old one? There was supposed to be one in China. India has the cave cities. But both of those are older structures.

Africa got into earthen homes though usually those are on the surface and simply made out of dirt. There was a trend for awhile years ago that "green movement" got in on to build underground, earthen, and other unusual homes. I have also seen underground homes that are just things like converted bunkers after people bought the land from government or military. Some of those are rather interesting as to what they do with the various levels of it. Plus they get to brag that it may withstand a weapons blast or seismic shift.
Donald Trump is opening the doors of secrecy and the other worlds within one world. Other life forms and beings working within the government and U.S. military, just like humans good and bad. Trump is now working to weed those who do not wish for for unity of "ALL" beings to be removed from government. It's time for change and transparency that those who attack Trump don't want, because they already know what your not supposed to. Support the president who want you to know the "TRUTH" and protect the people.

Guide to Non-Terrestrial Beings - COSMIC DISCLOSURE w/Corey Goode - Alien Species & Agenda Guide

Corey Goode steps out on his own to introduce us to the various extraterrestrial species he has encountered in his years with the MILAB and Secret Space Programs. Many of these people from other worlds have an active interest in our planet, be it with the environmental conditions, the 22 long-running genetic and spiritual experiments or the imminent conscious ascension of humanity. We view an artist’s depiction of these beings, including the Nordics, Greys, insectoids, reptilians, and Ebens, as Corey describes details of their stature, communication styles and interests in our planet and species. This presentation was originally webcast December 5, 2017.

It's time for disclosure and if you want to see what Cory Goode is talking about, then find your way to Tesla's forest in Gibsonia, Pa. and you will meet one of the beings on planet Earth that aren't human, and if your lucky you'll find the stargate to another place. Many attempt to get in and have failed, and many have yet to return to tell the story of where they have been. Why have so many top level government officials had to step down? They don't want the world to know the truth, not even the sitting president Donald Trump.

When the people below walk into the White House, the "TRUTH" will be on the table for the whole world!!! Take the time to know who these people are and your life will never be the same. Strengh and Power come from knowledge and humans have yet to use 100% of the power they possess in their mind/consciousness. Wake-up and find your way to your full potential.

"Cory Goode,"

"David Wilcock,"& Corey Goode on the Secret Space Program's 'Alliance for Disclosure'

"Leonard Peltier,"

"FBI Agent Richard Taus."

"Assata Shukur,"


"David Icke"

"Alex Jones"

"James Gilliland,"


So, many more beings human and non, that can fill the White House and serve in the places that are becoming vacant by those who didn't want a united world, but a divided one. It's time for disclosure and the protection of stargates and non-humans as well as humans. Trump continues to give the masses transparency into worlds that are not in the 3D world so many live in. You are not alone! You may not even be human! It's time to wake-up! Where are the 2000 children that go missing everyday in the U.S. disappearing to? Below?
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