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Full Version: Dangers of Gang Stalking: High tech advantage over unknowing mainstream people
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I have been hassled by gang stalkers and know of others that have. I'm passing on this information so people will be aware of what they can do.

The facts in this article have been known since at least the 1950s. Which is part of the reason the article was released. I think it might of been originally intended for another source in the media but it still got out all the same. Popular Mechanics article on accidental release of electronics weapons.

Antennas can easily be made by electronics hobbyists and sometimes by very determined people with no electronics background.

Military and Aerospace Advanced Antennas
Wireless Plasma Antennas
Electronic Warfare – Antenna Scan types
Antenna Types

Some technologies are very stealth and their clothing or body may possess them. Washington Post Article: This temporary tattoo can control your smartphone.

Some can heal but also have other uses.

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Though some claim imitating human fingerprints is hard there are several ways to do it. Someone takes a print which is a negative image of your finger as its from residue left. They can remove part of their own fingerprint and etch the new one in. It is temporary. They can grow one with stem cells or koala cells. They can also manufacture them onto silicon and other things. So using fingerprint access on something isn't always as secure as you think.

Appearances aren't what you think especially if you live in a movie industry hot zone where its easy to find people willing to do the work and they won't always ask questions. You can successfully change gender with these suits as some have a life like robotic penis with reservoir that can hold donated seamen, other bodily fluids, etc. The suits can be sealed onto a person and the interior contains connections through catheter or bags for going to the washroom. In the mouth they can use silicon and hard dental overlays. They can use full eye covering(covering of whites) contact lenses and digital contacts that change color or iris pattern but look natural. Digital and advanced facial masks exist. Bodysuits can even excrete mother's milk if a donor fills the reservoir. Hair on the suits is like fine made wigs and often may have real human hair or fiber optics that can change color. Somebody suits are made from stem cells given to research by donors or medical disposal. Some suits using sensors can get goosebumps or even the appearance of sweat. They also may contain hidden voice alteration. But that can also be achieved from a local application, swallowed device, or portable noise cancelling and sound substitution. Peoples height can also be altered by simple stretching techniques or slight changes in shoe size, etc from suits.

Sound harassment tools can be rendered partially invisible due to two different invisibility techniques. One the object is visible it just placed between two objects wouldn't be detected through them. The other technique is partially based off of crystalline structure invisibility research.

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I've dealt with invisibility technology before. One of the videos shows me in a black suit I'd worked on filmed by some stealth/invisible drones I had also worked with that included artificial and real insects used as drones.

This invisibility method partly uses the fact that there is a color darker than black and a color lighter than white. We call the one lighter than white clear and since we don't perceive the darker than black color it works for invisibility. The video of the suit was made with a special drone that also used the same method. It had an adapted camera that simply translates the color to black. The sequin type items also work with the perceivable frequency to create a field. The weapon, face mask, and gloves are similarly treated. The technology is now quite old. As is most invisibility things. While some countries allowed that to become public others didn't. Either way there is a risk criminals would obtain it or similar technologies. The military had a problem a few times with bases going bad and selling gear. Two soldiers from the triangle in the woods incident were in trouble for that very reason.

One type of invisibility when it is turned off oddly(and amusingly) looks like the white suit the man is wearing in this commercial. It is based off of the crystal structure invisibility tests.

Brainwashing is disturbing but it happens. Especially when they are trying to make you appear crazy or even make you question your own sanity. Certain techniques can also cause you to forget things or have very vivid realistic dreams. Using certain electronics they can even do something called body jacking or biohacking an intended target. They can cause you to trip, say a different word than you intended, etc. Some of the technology shown in that body diagram at the one website means it is easy for them to steal passwords and pin numbers standing within proximity of a person. They can hear you think it as you do it. So with that and card skimmers steal your information.

Not all frequency technology is dangerous or can be used to do awful things. A few devices and frequencies were found that can do good things. They can heal cuts or open wounds. Help scan the body for injury or health issue, perform bloodless less invasive surgeries, etc.

Now though direct contact with people is a low tech way to go here are some techniques people use.

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Now as to more things people can make or do. There are things like small personal power generators that generate piezoelectricity, along with magnetic generators, and other things.

Gang members or problem people can communicate via these types of message boards or via a private satellite or radio tower they set up. Many radios come with a preset frequency list but they can be modified to do offsets which most people might not be using.

Also useful to some are these devices though some models are small and were designed for police and military for forensic examinations.

These devices in this video can from proximity trigger noise devices or things like cameras and microphones.

This is a video about what someone else experienced in electronic harassment.

While some people might of made claims against the CIA doing some of these things. We did investigate some retired military officers with lower clearance that had become homeless and were war vets that saw the wrong thing. The CIA and such agencies aren't always responsible for this activity. For more than 60 years criminal organizations have had used of many of these things via scientists or hobbyists in their group, or people they abducted and forced to work for them. Some had smart people that just had interests in certain fields or paid attention to various patents that were new.(via patent keyword searches, etc)

Some gang stalking goes after regular people. Others take life insurance policies on them, try to scam them through dating, etc. Other people are high profile targets that someone has paid to take out of action or for revenge.
Welcome Dove,

Thank you for the information. I'm dealing with the invisible technology, that some not sure if they are ex-Army or a rouge branch doing their own thing. What I've found when dealing with the invisible flying craft, is that since its human powered, they can't control the down draft that the propellers create. Therefore, the leaves blow downward most of the time or upward if the craft is low. Along with the leaves, the birds if you feed them will alert you do any electronic wave dangers, because when the waves are to intense, the birds will not come and eat. When the invisible craft fly around, the engines are heard if you have good hearing, otherwise the birds will let you know where they are. They look right at them as if they can see them and will stop eating and point them out. Hanging windsocks in your trees will also allow you to know where your ENEMY is flying as the streamers will blow in the opposite direction of the craft.

The harassment is more of an assault and an attack on the nervous system, by cowards who hide with "NO" pride inside. Following order without thought or care of who they harm as long as the money is there. No doubt, most of the information you've shared here, isn't in the hands of the president, but I'm sure his family is experiencing some of it. Trump has already opened the flood gates of truth and there is no stopping it now! As it mows down the men and women who abuse babies, it's also exposing the men and women who call themselves Americans, but by their words and actions, they are traitors! The only thing if you look into the history of those who condemn the president, you'll find a bank, pharmaceutical, weapons, investment in their stock portfolios.

What politicians are invested in, will give everyone answers to how much they got paid for their vote? How many politicians have huge investments in the Centers for Disease Control who owns more than 20 patents for vaccines? Who profits from politics when your child gets vaccinated? How many bankers are working in Washington and in the Pentagon. Who wants more death and wars and likes the profit men and women fight and die for? Those who will leave that man or woman who fought for them in the street, cold and hungry with nothing to eat! As I watch the millions of dollars that are being spent to harass, attack and surveillance me, I think about what that money could be doing for a soldier who needs help, or a family who lost a loved one fighting for profits.

There are quite a few people who are investigating the woods of Gibsonia, Pa and the stargate that will not close, but security has increased and now an electronic fence is being installed around the whole woods. The stargate isn't for "EVERYONE" because as many Americans are learning, GREED doesn't SHARE! The president of the United States, Donald Trump is not being briefed on the Pennsylvania happenings, or the cities below the state that need the electricity and water of the surface dwellers.

As you drive through Pittsburgh and surrounding cities, the power lines are almost breaking from the weight of the extra think black lines. Testing has begone and control of the grid in Pa. is still moving forward with the matrix that has most of those that live around Pittsburgh stuck in the 70's. Want to go back in time? Head to Pittsburgh and all you have to do is look and listen to the music....mind control????

We have lived in a world, where the lies have been so great, the truth is going to scare the S**T out of most. The gang stalkers? There to protect an investment, that isn't really theirs, or anyone else's, but belongs to everyone. The woods are very magical and I would have to say that is do to the gate, but frequencies are put out to keep some beings from leaving. Pennsylvania has it's own Mt. Shasta, Eceti Ranch, Sedona Vortex, Georgia Guidestones and the woods behind the hardware store and the store with the red dot are becoming famous. More and more are coming to see the stargate and more and more are being turned away. How long can they keep the people out? Forever, if they get Trump out of the White House!

I'm surprised that there aren't more men and women in the lower ranks that aren't disgusted by what they are seeing their commanding officers do, or ask them to do. Gang stalkers are cowards who work for CASH! What most don't realize, is that everything they see is just stuff, and the most valuable thing most have if they still have it, is a soul. The one thing that lasts forever, even when the vessel it occupies dies. The soul moves on to the next place and vessel of occupation. What you do now will be your destiny for the future when your vessel expires and your spirit moves on. Where you go is determined by what you did while you were in your last spirit carrier.

Don't like people of color? You'll probably return Black as the ace of spades!

Rich & Greedy? You'll be poor and abused on your return.

Liar & Thief? - The presidents who took America to war and separated, divided, and destroyed family values. The presidents who still rob the American people by making them pay for protection from their enemies. Tax dollars going to some of the richest men in America and instead of them standing up and being honorable to pay what they can afford, they take from taxpayers.

No God or Love? Only Donald Trump in less than two years time, has praised the Creator who gave him his win. He prays in the oval office, and I'm trying to make it a habit of following the lead of one of the greatest presidents, since John F. Kennedy. If its an illusion, it is a welcome one for those who believe in the Holy Spirit and men and women of honor. I pray that the God of T. B. Joshua will find his way into the hearts of Americans, so that they will go out and do as the congregation of S.C.O.A.N. A group of people who are dedicated to our Creator in Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing the World!

For "All" People!

Thank you Dove for your contribution to helping myself and others to understand the complicated technology and secrets not shared in the world. May the Creator bless you and planet Earth, so that the change you wish for will happen and sinners will be SAVED!
Well invisible craft or people with antigrave belts, bracelets and anklets that just let them fly. The bands are made out of a metamaterial was new in the 1970s. They can be adjusted as the person using them usually has a skydiving watch that has the altimeter and depth on it. So they tend to stay as much as 2 inches above the detected ground. This is to prevent footprints because footprints show that someone has obviously been there. Also you can track it if it moves the grass.

Some news on is re-enactments of other things I knew of in the world before or during the 1970s. In Phillipines and a few other countries. During the Apollo space missions some weird politics happened which is the real reason the missions got censored and why a bunch of it stopped. Also the other countries or private space missions had done many things. Including finding out you shouldn't try to revive a space fossil if you find it. It might look harmless but after cosmic radiation exposure things mutate and it could have consequences. They tested plants, rodents and other things. They sent objects to mars outside of the rover to see if bugs could fly, rodents could survive, and if possibly planes might fly for colonization once people moved there.

There are some crap pictures where people just see what they want to see and are nothing. But there are a few that actually are something. The one freakout questioning what was on a wiped NASA hard drive is an example of that. It had all its pictures taken off it and examined. What was left was boring and not useful. So it got erased. The drive was then used by someone to make a short moving using graphics software and a tablet. They were looking at turning someone's novel into a movie so it was a mock up for that. It never was a real alien city on the moon. I'm not saying that there aren't interesting things there. Just that one particular film was not an intentional hoax it and the drive it was on got stolen by people after some of the very equipment that I've mentioned. Some of them got prosecuted on a military base others ran and their criminal group benefited from whatever the swiped or lied and tried to sell.

As for Trump like the old Philippine president before, he's a bit of a mixed bag. Unknown to many people outside of the Philippines was that it was frowned upon but legal to buy votes. It is how the man got into office because at the time people were poor and $5 US was a huge sum to many of them. Also they would help get them to the voting station. Then later people were appalled at what he was doing. They were the reason why he got in office and was able to do it. I hate vote buying but I also hate stupidity of people that go along with it thinking nothing horrible is going to happen.

One funny note I wonder if it's the cameras filming Trump or if he really does buy neon yellow(highlighter yellow) hair dye.

In most countries we are also behind an internet proxy. There needs only one super computer to be a hub for a quite a large area. Sometimes decommissioned ones get sold and do work for ISP's as their internet hub or backup. You can buy them for under $100,000 including shipping. But they cost quite a bit on an electric bill unless you've built an alternative power source. They also sometimes have specialized coolant systems like the water or liquid cooling. A few more modern ones are quite different. Their design isn't open to the public but is based off the structure of an atom and subatomics. They do use energy and are very energy efficient including heat recycling for energy. Some are biocomputers that need the stem cells in their tube to be replaced about every 2 years. Others operate off of a biogel which mimics stem cells and used plant matter and sealife cells from things like jellyfish. So one of those literally did get the name jellyfish.

I don't know about you. But in my case of gang stalking they do it from a distance or make things vague now. They were a bit more up front where I used to live when I caught people trying to get into my backyard, my building crawl space, and removing something from my window when my blinds were shut. They can still bother me with sound bugs. But instead I suspect one of my neighbors knew the people.

This building has had issues that I only found out after moving here. Then the people above me last winter started to get lewd and loud. They tried to be blunt a month or so ago and I recorded it with 2 different recorders. One has a SD card so I could transfer files and the other doesn't. One has an over sensitive mic and the other is unclear. The SD card one accidentally got wiped while being in my purse though I suppose someone could of got at it as I left it unattended several times at a place I went. But I figure that is unlikely because everyone there would of seen them do it unless they chose to not tell me. When it lost the files the file time remained and a new 29 minute file was also found. It sounded like someone driving in a car or in transit. I take transit and that place had outings for people with brain injuries. The other player still has the file on it. It's noisy and vague but you can kind of make out that someone is having loud sex. But you can't hear their nasty comments.

For whatever reason the organization running the housing recently stuck cameras inside the building. I'm glad they did. I heard someone in the hall say something that implied they weren't happy. Also it got a lot quieter at night. Sometimes they are still obnoxious in the day but they go days sometimes before saying something and being loud. We also have cameras outside the building. Which were put up as far as I know because of activity around the building. Since living here I was told one person was evicted, two moved, and 6 died. Out of the 6 one was sick with something, another people say was an overdose, another one my neighbor said was a gunshot victim, and the last one I know the cause of was supposed to of been a heart attack. They realize they are dead by the smell apparently. I don't know if the others really were mentioned as missing or anything.

Also one of my neighbors had a problem with the lady beside me before who everyone called Mary and she I think said her name was Mary. Her suite shares a wall with mine but on that wall are our kitchens and bathroom. Another neighbor had an issue with the guy that died from drugs and also with other activity around the building. The manager hinted the one woman that got evicted was a prostitute and said her place was filthy and had sex stuff all over. I could hear someone in the hallway sometimes going at it and the man asking the woman if they should go in the storage room or stairwell. Then there was the times someone poured turpentine on the third floor, also when someone tried to start a fire in a stairwell. I didn't see any evidence of that but the manager and another tenant said it was what they found. One of the women that moved out had a fire in her kitchen and burned her hand. She was friends with the other people that were seen as a problem to one of my neighbors.

Now the building is quiet and the only problem is the people above me being rude. They as I said finally got quiet at night. One tenant in another building I was introduced to at a wedding of my ex-husbands brother chris to his girlfriend Anne. The guy's name is Patrick and he talks to himself all the time and laughs loudly. He sometimes makes rude comments. Others that live in his building say sometimes he keeps them up with it all. He hangs out with one of the people in my building. That woman I was introduced to years ago and told it was my cousin.(They said the woman that I thought was my mother. That it was her cousin Dianne) That woman also seems to have problems as she apologizes a lot and usually there is no reason for her to keep saying sorry or to of said sorry in the first place.

Sometime I feel vibration at night. I don't know if that is from some massage chair on the floor of the apartment above me, or what it is. But you probably know what that sensation is. I wondered one time if it was just me being fatigued. So now I have a salt lamp and a fan in my bed area of my bachelor suite.

Recently though I realized gang stalking wise they might of went and did something to my medical files. I've never been in the local hospital until last november. Then they tackled me to the ground and put me in solitary for asking why they were giving me only bananas, peanut butter, and rice cakes, with soy milk or cranberry/apple juice. I was baffled as I've never been violent and while I've had to deal with abuse from others I'm not wacky. Only think I could think of was this one woman who got married and ended up with the same name as me after she got married. Only I'm a miss as it has always been my name and that woman later divorced. Then several years back my bank warned me they had a new client that had the same name and asked for my ID and to take a picture of me. Which I did. The other person had a savings account. I had only a chequing account because you used to use them to pay rent, etc. The woman that ended up getting the other account I didn't ever see what she looked like. I don't know if it was the one that changed her name from marrying someone.

If it is the case she had some very weird issues though seemed nice towards me. But appearances can be deceiving and I tend to be trusting and not expect people to do things. So if she messed with me it was probably gradual and involved my ex husband. I looked at a scan of my divorce papers and they've been changed. I had the divorce in 2003 and now someone has with a pen marked through that and written 2005. They also changed the stamps on it. I don't know where my other copy is. I gave my sons school one years ago at each school I had with him at or after our divorce. He's in his 20s now and doesn't talk to me. I can only think to perhaps go to two different court houses to try to find out a real copy. It's bothering me as to how they got at my papers and changed them. But my old roommate was in contact with me after I moved out, and in contact with the other woman as it was his family member. My exhusband and others were his friend. When you have 24hr access to someone they will do what the hell they like. People have had access too me that way since 1978 or 77. Right now they shouldn't as I live alone. But pestcare and maintenance have been in my apartment. One time there were no bugs at all and I was given a notice to leave for 8 hours. I came back and my suite was hot from heat treatment. But who knows how many times that happened. My prior address the manger lost the apartment key and asked me to make a new copy and leave it with someone for them. So again people getting access also my son might of let someone in while I was out.

I've also found people have done some sort of procedure to me that I never asked for. I have a seam across my belly when I never had a c-section with either of my kids. A doctor asked me if I'd had one before. I can't remember before 1978 so I don't know but I said it's possible as I have mixed memories of other things. My old doctor before I moved to where I'm now living asked me if I wanted a tummy tuck. I told him no. I couldn't afford it and it was a cosmetic procedure and I also didn't need one though I had gained weight after my gallbladder surgery, and them giving me serequel to sleep. I also have a widows peak in my hair now and I never had it before. I remember looking in the mirror at the tiny hairs and wondering what was going on. Then later something happened and I forgot about it so I don't know they exact date. Then more recently something happened to my eyes. I saw a white ring around the pupil area that looked like tissue paper. I think it was skin cells. Then my eyes focused weird one time and didn't do that again. I think someone gave me some sort of eye surgery. But I don't think I can prove it. It's just me saying something and if people don't want to look into it because they think I'm nuts. I can't change anything. As it is I said a few weird things in two letters because I was so sleep deprived and sick because of my kidneys reacting bad to arthritis medications. The doctor never did anything about it. It was only after I went to hospital when they thought I was acting weird asking questions at a bank. That they found blood tests showing very low potassium, and result showing kidney issues. First time I was put in the hospital here and then later they attacked me for asking questions. They also forced me to sign something without letting me read it. The doctor claims its nothing but I have to wonder why they wouldn't let me read it. My glasses were broken and I was wearing other old glasses but I could of been let to read the whole thing. The woman just kind of flipped through it fast and was impatient with me. But it did mention the mental health act for some reason.

Sleep deprivation and badly behaved neighbors isn't a hallucination or delusion. If your sick and sleep deprived you can have vivid dreams which seem like memories. It goes away when you feel better. I never had a history of it. But I had one incident when I got sick with what I thought was the flu. I had been playing space invaders. I shut it off and went to go watch tv. Then I saw them superimposed over everything. I knew that wasn't normal so I called someone and asked them to take me to the hospital. Which they did and they found dysentery. It was dehydration causing the space invader weirdness. I've never ever had an incident other than that. Until after I moved to where I live now. The old place I lived before this the problem was not the dreams it was the noise and activity of the neighbors. It also got to my son who just wanted to sleep and was freaked out by the packrat in the other building and other things.
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