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Full Version: Astronomers Confrim, Planet X at 99% - White Paper Analysis, Latest
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Her video filmed something she couldn't explain | Weird sky beam
Many objects are in our solar system that are not discussed in the mainstream. Somethings get originally discussed on private discussion lists and think tanks. They even have a certain security ranking and classification/declassification policy. Other things go to the public quite fast.

Occasionally someone outright commits fraud. This happened when one of the astronomical satellites was launched and just before that at an observatory. The men at the observatory were worried about their funding. So they used the old sandwich print plate technique and painted one plate. Making it look like some brilliant pictures of space that are quite colorful. Look through a high end home telescope or talk with an astronaut about what they actually see and it was nothing like what these people committing fraud saw.

There are several objects that were classified. I was linked to some of the people in the Project Bluebook years ago and other things. At that time many wanted to just be public about things. But the public didn't always have a good response. They would panic, hoard things, riot, etc or the exact opposite and ignore things. You tell them the truth and they say back "ah that is a hoax" or "it must be an april fools joke." A few people have personal reasons to restrict the truth or interfere with it. Usually some form of personal gain or personal loss.

There are several spherical and other shaped ships in our system. Also objects which are satellites and a possible space station. This caused people alarms too because some are very much from earth and others are not. But the ones from earth raised numerous posts online and comments in media because it appeared to be two suns in the sky or two moons. There was an incident with the moon. To keep the public calm a satellite and drone could help fool people as to what was there. Things later were rectified.

I have seen two globes or suns outside my home. One I watched from my window was bright red and molten looking more like a setting sun in the early day. The other was a yellow one above the center of the courtyard. It was easily seen flowing and edges. Another time on the Bus I saw 3 overlapping in the sky and a red one to the front of the bus in the sky partly obscured by trees and a bit see through. We've also had clouds say interesting things and take on shapes. One traffic attendant on the street where construction was looked up at the sky and shouted loudly enough for cars and her coworkers to hear "Go back home."

Some of these spheres and what happened to the moon are linked to one discussion that was had many years ago by an agency regarding the approaching large object and also what happened to the moon. Which was very similar to what is in Space 1999. Only that it happened many years before that and the government in some countries was to declassify around 1999.

The objects in space are using systems that can confuse satellite sensors into giving a false reading. They also use advanced physics for holograms and other effects to hide themselves. But that is in regards to smart objects or manned objects. There are other planets in our solar system that also aren't discussed because of their orbital position. One was found opposite the earth on the other side of the sun and a probe was able to get verification of its existence. Other things were found based on calculations and orbital oddities. But probes were not able to see the objects causing the phenomenon. Though one did sense an object there was nothing that could as far as I know be photographed.

All that is based on what I can remember from before the 1970s when I suffered a head injury, memory loss, and had to deal with violence on a regular basis. I actually contacted an international agency to say something about that. I am aware for part of the time there was a complex investigation going on using people in deep cover because of high level scientists, analysts, etc disappearing or turning up dead.

I'm disappointed that security let me down all things considered. For example I was the person in the video below and was using a specialized drone to take my picture. The equipment was developed to help in dealing with hostage situations to safely and with the least force overcome a situation. As well as other things.

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