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Full Version: YOWUSA - Planet X / Nibiru – Are We Seeing the Blue Kachina Now?
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(02-05-2018 08:14 AM)AdamAntium Wrote: [ -> ]

It could be a ship that causes the color effect. There are several around right now. Some are ball shaped drones and others are ships of different sizes from single/two seaters to something you can live on. Some of the smaller ones have been flying around my area. One sometimes tracks me. It shifts between a molten red look, bright yellow, and clear orangy.

So far I'm treating them as friendly simply because when we were looking at new global flight rules for high altitude planes, and new personal flight vehicles. We used ball shaped drones. They were taught basic cause and effect in the early ones. So they learned to chase and trap and would play fight each other. Which got problematic with an AI in them later as they knew taking action against family was clearly not friendly and asked if their sibling was bad. We had to instill the concept in them that they weren't but one day might have to capture or force land someone who might be bad. So they were playing pretend to practice it. Before they fully understood it we did have one situation where one went all out after it's partner. The problem got fixed though. They needed to learn to track some very fast vehicles and how to deal with the newer technology version of someone's 2 seater cessna.(autonomous driving vehicles, experimental one of a kind, and main stream manufactured for public sale like regular cars)

There was one though that was much larger one day I saw. It was a vehicle that could probably seat more than 2 people and maybe even have them live on it. To my knowledge there wasn't a ship like that on or from earth people. But many years have passed since I tried the drones in another country. Someone may of made one from here that happens to be round like that. They did make the BMW car that floats though that one usually is stuck much closer to the ground.

The drones and ships had the ability to use holograms on their surface or projection surfaces. At a distance people can't tell the difference from regular clouds in the sky, or branches on a tree. I only noticed the drones because they let me see them. They shifted spectrum and went in front of tree's, were visible with another sun in the sky, etc. Though the drones could be up here as North America preps for these new vehicles. Usually they don't behave in this fashion and purely stay on air patrol and air guidance. They are capable of surveillance though. One day I noticed a lot of lightning strikes outside my window. I had the curtains pulled shut and a lot of horizontal lightning flashes were seen over a 2 week period. It can happen from energy weapons on some as part of their defense and apprehension ability. Again though we didn't use them on people only planes. The only reason they might be around is someone with some equipment that is restricted here(such as invisibility gear) is doing something they shouldn't. So possibly around for my safety.
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