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Full Version: Fake News gives us Fake UFO
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The entire mainstream media heavily promoted "UFO evidence" being pushed by the To The Stars Academy, which, btw, has raised $2.5 million to date on the promise of delivering extraterrestrial technology... a sucker born every minute... and with a little help from MSM!

This video leaves their Exhibit A for ET technology utterly wreaked in a ditch.

Somehow this fakest of fake news hasn't gotten its due attention. Trump couldn't be hand delivered a better example for his "fake news" claims, and from none other than the "failing New York Times." Yet he's never called it out. Perhaps seeing as his buddies @ FOX, like Tucker Carlson, have been major promoters of this bunk his enthusiasm might be dampened.
I agree not a UFO. Only one to people that don't know any better. Though jet exhausts can look like that in giving off a similar exhaust image. There are several experimental planes they were testing by the 1950s. Some people living in the area of these planes knew they were something experimental the military was working on. Some knew that because they worked at the base or were a family member of someone there and others just made the assumption because often the planes were with pace planes that were regular planes.

Occasionally a experimental plane ventured outside its projected path. When this happened local base jets would take off and start pursuing the plane. It didn't matter which country they were over and it could trigger domestic military jet encounters. The pilots often in the other jets called the experimentals "UFOs" and often were not told what they were because they were not jet pilots with clearance levels to permit disclosure. So they would genuinely pursue it as an unknown possible threat. The people in the experimental had to file reports and contacted chain of command on if they should lose the jet or order it off of the plane.

Other times instead of pace planes they tried satellite tracking. Some planes even had hazards to pilots as they crashed into themselves or other planes that were in the area such as civilian jets or pace planes. This was a result of speed tests. The tests led to a variety of changes in the suits pilots wear.(for G force) Which included a few things that made it into civilian flights. Several of the engineers and designers also worked with airplane companies to produce new civilian passenger and cargo jets.

Some of the other countries were understanding about the planes accidentally entering their airspace because of deceleration times and how quick acceleration was. Mexico for example sometimes got planes from Nevada. Others weren't and sometimes took calls between scientists who knew each other to smooth things over. A few times though things were fired at planes. I was in a crash caused by a armed satellite from a small country outside of North America. Russia and China knew of the tests the USA were conducting and contacted the authorities as they saw the other satellite and its actions. The first shot didn't bring down the plane I was in it was the second. One of the other countries then shot down the rogue satellite to protect the crew of the plane I was on. A third shot would of killed all onboard.

As a result of safety issues they then tried pacing planes with satellites and even formed some cross agreements with other countries on monitoring. This in a way was safer after they made sure of flight paths by also shifting altitude areas. One satellite had problems pacing the plane as it moved faster than the computer could properly calculate but it was as good or better than the pace plane. A later satellite with a new type of computer on board was launched and then that improved the situation. The satellite was testing new technologies and also would be used to test high speed plane traffic routing. Not just because military and governments were playing around with it for faster travel. But because the argument was made that for some civilian craft it would be useful for business. It was tested once with Concord jets years ago.

There are earth made objects that are sphere's, triangles, and disks. All at one point or another testing new technologies and eventually being retired from testing to mainstream use though perhaps not public use. Many of the objects would get escorts by regular jets. Some of the jets were retrofitted with different technology to go faster and in some ways resemble SR71 technology.

I used to work in R&D in more than one country via the UN and another council, but after two crashes suffered enough injuries I left that work.
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