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Full Version: Philippines elects new president who vows to be a “dictator” in battle against evil
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The Philippines just elected a president who vows to be a “dictator” in the battle against evil. Here are the five facts you need to know about Rodrigo Duterte, and what his victory means for his country and for others.

He’s a genuine punisher.

People throw around the term “strongman” a lot these days, but Duterte lives up to the billing. Known as “Duterte Harry” and “The Punisher,” Duterte served as mayor of Davao City for more than 22 years. Trained as a lawyer, he vowed to clean up a city so notorious for its crime it was once tagged the “Nicaragua of Asia.”

Today, Davao’s per capita crime rate is the lowest in the country. But the methods Duterte allegedly used to pull this off have drawn condemnation from international human rights groups. It’s widely believed that Duterte sanctioned extrajudicial killings by roving packs of vigilantes.

These death squads targeted petty criminals, street children and drug dealers, according to Human Rights Watch, claiming the lives of more than 1,000 people, 132 of them children. Duterte appointed himself judge, jury and executioner—and the people of Davao loved him for it.

The US has more than 75,000 troops already stationed in the region and formal alliances with Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. Washington is bound by treaty to defend them if push comes to shove. And Duterte’s “Philippines First” approach to foreign policy makes it much more likely that southeast Asia will end up in a shoving match over the South China Sea.

That’s why Roderigo Duterte is the region’s new wildcard.

For decades the Philippines has been plagued with corruption and past leadership is the direct result of why it is what it is today. Still poor and the people being used by big corporations as slaves.

What have the brown skinned people of the world gotten from every invasion for humanity?

Sweatshops - call centers - child prostitution.

Is there any place outside the U.S. in Asia where there military bases have been for decades thriving? Is there any place in the world that the people have benefited from having a U.S. invasion? The Philippines is a perfect example of years of U.S. military occupation - not much change.

Top 5 Most Corrupt Government Agencies in the Philippines - Most Nations in the world have the exact same corruption in the same agencies - coincidence?

2015 - Pope tells Philippines leaders to end corruption - Where was the Pope two decades ago? Corruption in the Philippines has been going on longer than that! Facades to make the people believe?

What have those that have been the leaders and protectors of the Philippines created for its nation and people?

How much corruption from the past will the new president have to deal with?


Philippines has been hailed the call center capital of the world with over 800 call centers located in this pacific region.

While mainstream media can put out stories that make you think the call centers are wonderful, they have taken jobs from around the world to give them to people who only get $1.78 an hour.

The middle class of the Philippines or the new slave market?

Verizon Calls in SWAT Team to Keep $1.78 Hourly Workers (slaves?) Under Wraps

"Verizon is offshoring work far beyond what has previously been reported and what the company publicly has claimed. Verizon is offshoring customer service calls to numerous call centers in the Philippines, where workers are paid just $1.78 an hour and forced to work overtime without compensation," wrote the CWA in a statement.
Former Philippines congressman Walden Bello says that Rodrigo Duterte appeals to many disenfranchised Filipinos, but many fear that he will bypass the …
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