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Full Version: Israel's Secret - Which Nation will feel its effects first?
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Bombs, bombs, and more bombs, from the nation that produces the most drones in the world, and the companies who build all the walls around the world to separate people. A nation with ongoing crimes against humanity - do they prepare for the biggest of all?
‘I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state,’ former president says at rally after audience member critical of US policy interrupts him.

WASHINGTON — Former President Bill Clinton defended his record on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and excoriated Hamas tactics in the Gaza Strip Friday afternoon, responding to a heckler at a campaign event for his wife who suggested US foreign policy had contributed to the devastation of the coastal enclave.


Israel is the Real Terrorist State
Note: This piece which is of extreme relevance to the US election campaign was originally published in July 2015.

On July 3, 2015, presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton addressed a hand-picked audience at a Dartmouth College campaign event. She lied calling Iran an “existential threat to Israel… I hope we are able to get a deal next week that puts a lid on (its) nuclear weapons program.”

Even if we do get such a deal, we will still have major problems from Iran. They are the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism.

They use proxies like Hezbollah to sow discord and create insurgencies to destabilize governments. They are taking more and more control of a number of nations in the region and they pose an existential threat to Israel.

We…have to turn our attention to working with our partners to try to reign in and prevent this continuing Iranian aggressiveness.

Fact: US and Israeli intelligence both say Iran’s nuclear program has no military component. No evidence whatever suggests Tehran wants one. Plenty indicates otherwise.

As a 2008 presidential aspirant, she addressed AIPAC’s annual convention saying:

Hillary Clinton's Jewish Controllers

Who controls the RNC and the DNC and the Western media? Look at the names and learn their hidden agendas for Talmudic world control.

Why do Jewish-owned 'conservative' talk show hosts like Rush and Hannity who are not even Jewish themselves, and bought and paid for politicians like Ben Carson promote lies for example about gun-control in Germany?

A committee of Congress should examine the truth that a Jewish monopoly controls US politics, media, entertainment, academia and education. This video shows how Jewish illusionist 'magic' is used to win elections.
Israel needs to hold on the Golan Heights “for the foreseeable future” to as a buffer against the instability in Syria, and “the wisdom of that has only increased” since Syria descended into an intractable civil war, former presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in wide-ranging talk at the Hudson Institute on Tuesday.

Rubio, who had recently returned from a trip to the Middle East, offered his views on the war against ISIS, the futures of Syria and Iraq, Iran’s regional aggression, and American global leadership.

He argued that American engagement after World War II was essential in developing global peace and prosperity, especially in Asia. While economic shifts have caused some Americans to want to disengage from the world, the vacuums that ensue often end up threatening the United States.

“From the pure selfish national security interest of the United States, we want to see stability in Syria, in Iraq, because in the absence of that stability you are going to have radicalized groups who are going to be using it to stage and conduct external operations against the United States and its interests,” he explained.

Rubio clarified that the “radicalized groups” include not only ISIS, but also Iran, which has seized upon American disengagement from the region as an opportunity to expand its sphere of influence and threaten American allies.

Rubio was asked during the audience Q&A about the future of the Golan.

Heaviest Israeli raids on Syria since start of civil war

The Real Reason Israel Wants War With Syria: Game-Changing Oil Reserve Discovered

After Israel complained for years that it was surrounded by oil-rich states but didn’t have a drop within its own borders, it appears there’s a big-time turnaround with the announcement Wednesday that massive oil reserves have been located in the Golan Heights,close to the country’s border with Syria.

Afek Oil and Gas, an Israeli subsidiary of the U.S. company Genie Energy, confirmed the find in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TVbut conceded that until the oil is actually extracted, they won’t be sure of the actual amounts and quality of the oil that has been discovered.

“We are talking about a strata which is 350 meters thick and what is important is the thickness and the porosity,” the company’s chief geologist, Yuval Bartov, explained. “On average in the world, strata are 20-30 meters thick, so this is ten times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities. The important thing is to know the oil is in the rock and that's what we now know.”

According to a September 2014 Times of Israel report on the Golan exploration, Genie Energy is chaired by Howard Jonas and counts among its more notable investors the “former US Vice President Dick Cheney, Michael Steinhardt, Jacob Rothschild, and Rupert Murdoch.”
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