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Full Version: Wall Street Bankers Meet in Secret To Talk About Bitcoin Technology
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The confidence in the European banking system is decreasing on an almost daily basis. Six years after the global financial crisis, most of the European banks are still struggling to meet the minimum requirements of the regulatory bodies that are supervising the ‘health’ of the financial system.

After the GFC, the European system had to deal with a Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish crisis, and several banks needed to be bailed out through either a straight ‘nationalization’ or a ‘government-incentivized’ merger with a stronger counterparty (which was used in both Spain and Portugal).

One would think that in all these years the banks would have been able to clean up the mess on their balance sheets.

The American counterparties have just recently started to pay (more substantial) dividends again after their shareholders had to survive on water and bread for a few more years. Unfortunately that’s not what the European banks did, and most of them continued to pay very attractive dividends to their shareholders, even when their portfolios had to absorb losses related to the PIGS-exposure.
In this short documentary I sum up the history of the Bilderberg Group and discuss the reason why the Bilderberg meetings are not what the attendees want us to believe.

Everyone has heard or read about Bilderberg Group conspiracy theories, but where do these theories come from and what is real about them? The answer is presented in this video.

The purpose of this video is to be short and informative, so that if anyone wants to see the Bilderberg Group exposed or prove to someone else that there is a secret behind it, they will just have to go back to this video.

In the final part of the video I talk about the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting, which will take place in June 2016 in Dresden, Germany.
After recent (and in some cases very dramatic) bearish conversions by the likes of JPM, BofA, Citi and UBS, the only bank that steadfastly held a bullish view on stocks during the recent market squeeze higher was Goldman Sachs.

Not any more.

On Thursday, Goldman strategist David Kostin appeared on CNBC, where he too join the bearish crowd and said that based on the threat of margin collapse ("35 out of 53 tech companies had margin declines") and record-high stock valuations this year, it's time to play defense in "a tough market."
(INTELLIHUB) — The hacktivist collective Anonymous vowed to wreak havoc on “banking and other financial institutions” this week and quite possibly may already have as it has been reported by hundreds that Chase Bank ATMs are still not dispensing cash at this time and haven’t since Friday night.

Prepare Now For An ATM Shut Down
his is good comedy. Seth takes a closer look at the $5 billion fine levied against Goldman Sachs, and wonders why no executives were charged with fraud.

"So let me get this straight. Goldman gets fined a few weeks worth of revenue, that total turns out to be lower because of tax deductions, and at the end of the day their stock price goes up.
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