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Full Version: George W. Bush White House’s ‘Skull And Bones’ Files Due Out
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One of America’s most prestigious and storied secret societies, Yale University’s Skull and Bones, may be a little less secret if archivists at President George W. Bush’s presidential library in Dallas get their way.

More than 1,000 pages of letters, memos, a draft speech and other materials relating to Skull and Bones are set for release in July, unless Bush or President Barack Obama move to block the disclosure, according to the National Archives.

“Included is correspondence from individuals, organizations, and children to President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Andrew Card, and Karl Rove; routine memoranda regarding government awards and promotions; and draft correspondence from the White House with background material,” the National Archives said in an official notice to attorneys for Bush and Obama.

“Additional records include vetting materials, emails related to scheduled events, a phone message, a press briefing on Turkey, a register of Frederick Law Olmsted’s papers at the Library of Congress, requests for comments from the press, and a request for Vice President Richard B. Cheney to attend William F. Buckley’s memorial service,” the notice indicates.

Bush / Kerry Skull and Bones Avoidance

Skull and Bones masonic ritual & George 'Magog' H W Bush (legendado)

Video below confirming duties of members at all levels. Anything that is secret requires you to have to lie - which do not represent the Creator and truth that sets one free?

Secrets & souls who is keeping them?

George in Ireland - BANNED INTERVIEW with Knight of Malta George W Bush Skull & Bones - To many lies that Americans can now see for themselves were just that - deception for GREED!
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