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Full Version: Zimbabwe new currency limits bank withdrawls - Push for digital cash - Africa 1st?
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Where's the cash - paper money turning into worthless paper - precious metals?

IS Zimbabwe the testing ground for nwo digital currency, or is it already happening and those who like cash are making the biggest fuss? Is there any cash left in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Basing New Currency On US Dollar After Hyperinflation

Josh Sigurdson and author John Sneisen talk about Zimbabwe's new currency based on the US dollar. After Zimbabwe's Zim dollar went into hyperinflation a few years ago and landed the people of Zimbabwe in bread lines, pushing wheel barrows full of 100 trillion dollar bills down the street, one would think that their dictator Robert Mugabe would have been overthrown and the central bankers thrown in prison.

However, it seems that the control is so abundant in Zimbabwe that the people are once again thrown into debt enslavement by a fiat currency. While revolution is indeed looming and the populace in Zimbabwe know it, Mugabe's still got control and now in his 90s, his policies are crazier than ever.

While the US dollar isn't as debt based as the former Zim dollar, it's nonetheless consistently devalued and does indeed lead to inflation. It is doomed to fail as all fiat currencies eventually revert to their natural value of zero.

We would ask why people wouldn't learn their lesson the first time and start using sound money like gold or silver, but we know the agenda at hand here. The globalists won't rest until the entire world is enslaved by debt. Well, they're getting what they want as long as the individuals don't stand up, over throw and take back their individual liberties.

Collectivism must end before freedom can exist. The monetary system is the most coercive system the people have to deal with and in essence, it's a domino effect. Follow the money good people... Or currency for that matter.


Zimbabwe’s banks impose a $200 daily withdrawal limit
The war on cash continues. Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who appears to be leading the global ground attack on cash, is out with an op-ed in the Financial Times commending the EU for their move to halt the production of 500EU notes. He is now calling for Switzerland to stop production of the 1,000 Swiss franc note:

Most of the time I use this column to recommend policy changes that I believe would make the world a better place. This time I am saluting a policy change I believe will have significant benefits — one that carries with it important lessons.

The decision of the European Central Bank last week to stop producing €500 notes permanently is a triumph of reasonable judgment over shameless fearmongering....High quality global journalism requires investment.

First, the world should demand that Switzerland stops issuing SFr1,000 franc notes. After Europe’s bold step, these notes will stand out as the hard-currency world’s highest denomination note by a wide margin. Switzerland has a long and unfortunate history with illicit finance. It would be tragic if it were to profit from criminal currency substitution.

Second, the question of the facilitation of criminal activity should be placed prominently on the agenda of the Group of 20 leading nations.

It gets worse:

Keiser Report: War on Cash - Bitcoin?

From Amsterdam, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the war on cash and the Dutch Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement referendum on 6 April 2016. In the second half, Max interviews Ancilla Tilia about the upcoming referendum on Ukraine association: what the YES positions are and what the NO backers are against.

They also discuss the reasons for privacy, the case against GMO patents and the best way to eat a stroopwafel.
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