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Full Version: Bank of Canada Is BANKRUPT – We Break Down The Central Bank’s Insolvency
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Author and economic analyst John Sneisen talks with Josh Sigurdson about the insolvency of The Bank Of Canada and covers the reserves or lack-thereof as Canada sells off basically all of its gold. John perfectly breaks down all the examples of the Bank of Canada’s insolvency.

These privately owned central banks create money out of thin air, based on faith, creating debt and inflation and then taxing us on the interest on the debt. They’re absolutely fraudulent and it’s so important that people are aware of this ponzi scheme and finally take issue with the coercive control of the individual under this scheme as the people are turned into debt slaves across the globe.

The fiat paper money empire must fall, but it comes down to you, the individual.

The governments across the world are propped up by this beast and people need to take responsibility and shut it down. The money masters have been riding the wave of debt for far too long.

In 2012, economists around the world are struggling to break free of the clutches of the financial crisis. But a twelve-year-old Canadian knew what needed to be done, but no one listed to her.

Victoria Grant took the Internet by storm overnight, after a video of her slamming Canada's banks for robbing the people went viral. RT talks to internet sensation Victoria Grant and her mother Marcia Grant. Let the children lead - the world would have a better chance.
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