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Full Version: Student embarrasses Obama and asks him about Israel’s violations
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How can you make up a good lie in 60 seconds...Obama tells where Americans stand. The U.S. will not condemn Israel the 1st state...the rest follow the leader! Murder for leaders of Iraq, and Libya for much less than Israel has done - world slavery not freedom is growing.
When recently asked about US foreign military aid given to countries who aren’t poor, such as South Korea, Germany, Japan and Israel, presidential candidate Donald Trump responded, “I have great respect for those countries… I want them to pay us some money.”

When specifically asked, Trump says he thinks that yes, Israel can do that, too. America currently gives Israel $3 billion in foreign defense aid every year. Israel spends $15 billion annually on defense.

Trump also mentions South Korea as quite capable of defending itself. “This is how we’re going to get our wealth back… this and trade deals,” Trump claimed. What Trump doesn’t appear to realize about American foreign aid is that it’s basically the equivalent of Uncle Sam writing a huge check to America’s defense companies…

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