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Full Version: Eco-terrorists plot? Second wildfire in Canada near an oil & gas operation in BC
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New Alert for people in Canada, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Now a new large area has began burning in British Columbia on top of what is already going on in Alberta Canada.

As most people might already know, an extremely large fire has broken out across Northeast Alberta Canada near Fort McMurray. The massive fires have now forced the evacuation of over 88,000 people, with the loss of thousands of houses, and burning over 210,000 square acres in a matter of a few days time.

Now all of a sudden, massive plumes of smoke are appearing EXACTLY due West in British Columbia at another Oil + Gas pumping operation just North of Fort St. John, BC Canada.

(The new widespread fire location is upwind by 350 miles / 500km on the exact same latitude 56 43 N). Today's new fires appeared across a vast area of British Columbia all at once - on a clear day with no storms. The new BC fires happening near (of all the places) another Oil + Gas pumping operations.

The location which suddenly flares off is at least 200 square MILES in area. Alberta and BC are now BOTH burning near huge pumping operations.

Truth is exposing corruption that is destroying the planet and its people!

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