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Full Version: Journalist who exposed Cruz-JFK connection and Rubio bubble bath party found dead
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Voting-fraud activist Gary Welsh was found dead leading up to the Indiana primary. Police found Welsh’s body in an apartment complex stairwell in Indianapolis, Ind. on May 1 with a gun lying beside him and quickly ruled it a “suicide”.

125 Scientists, 75 Bankers and Journalists RIP: What Did They Know That We Don’t & Who is Behind It - Truth is the biggest fear of most of the 1%. corruption exposure would be a loss of all wealth and power - who wants to give that up? Do you know secrets? - Your life could be in danger!
JFK Researcher Reporter Shot to Death by Cop in Police Station - Dorothy Kilgallen's Associate. If you wonder whether cops murder people consider how a JFK Assassination researcher was shot to death, point-blank, on April 23, 1964 in the Long Beach Police Station by a cop.

One of two cops who claimed to have been playing quick draw shot Mr. Jim Hunter, of the Long Beach Independent Press Telegram, through the heart at less than three feet. Hunter and a Dallas reporter Jim Koethe of the Dallas Times Herald were associated with Kilgallen in the investigations into the JFK Assassination. Koeth was killed by karate chop to the throat as he came out of his shower.

Ruby’s attorney Tom Howard had, reportedly, beome a major source for Koeth, Hunter and Kilgallen. Howard died from a sudden heart attack at the age of 48 after reportedly acting strangely a few days before his death. Kilgallen, who had vowed to blow the lid off of the JFK Assassination was found dressed, dead in bed, you might recall.

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Ted Cruz's father's links to New Orleans, pre-JFK assassination, under scrutiny.

April 18-19, 2016 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Mysterious "Mr. X" in photo with Oswald -- FBI couldn't identify him. Significant questions have surfaced about not only the father of Texas Republican senator and presidential contender Ted Cruz, Rafael B. Cruz, Sr., but now also the senator's Cuban grandparents, Rafael and Emilia Cruz.

WMR has been at the forefront of asking questions about the Cruz family from Cuba and our recent report about a male bearing a striking resemblance to Rafael Cruz, Sr. appearing handing out "Fair Play for Cuba" pamphlets at the International Trade Mart in New Orleans in August 16, 1963, has generated a firestorm of comments on the web.
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